Clara R. (UC Law San Francisco, formerly UC Hastings)

“After not passing the July 2023 exam, I was disappointed and dejected. I looked into private tutors after using Barbri for the first time, and I found Steve through a Google search. After our first phone call, I knew his program was exactly what I needed. The material he provides is very streamlined and extremely helpful, and the exam tips are top notch. I struggled with the MBE the first time around, but Steve’s MBE drilldowns encourage you to thoroughly review the questions you’ve missed, which allowed me to feel confident in my approach to questions on test day. Further, you’ll get plenty of practice doing essays and performance tests, which teaches you how to effectively use the facts and continuously look for ways to improve your writing until you achieve a passing score. Learning how to take to test is half the battle, and Steve provides everything you need to succeed.”

Ani M. (George Washington University Law School)

“Steve’s help and guidance is why I passed the February 2024 bar exam! I had previously done a commercial bar prep course for the July 2023 exam and it was generic and unhelpful and I ultimately didn’t pass. Steve created a plan tailored to what I needed to help me work through MBE questions, essays, and the PT. Steve kept me accountable and helped create a structured schedule so I could study effectively and productively. I worked full time while studying so this structure was crucial for maintaining an efficient study schedule. We scheduled one-on-one calls to go over my daily assignments. During these calls, we identified patterns in my incorrect MBE responses which helped me build so much confidence in my prior weaknesses. Steve also has a formulaic approach to essay writing with helpful subject tips and an incredible approach to issue spotting. He not only helped me work through the mechanics of the exam but also through my test anxiety. I couldn’t have done it without Steve. If you want a coach to guide you through the beast that is the bar exam, I couldn’t recommend Steve more.”

Reed Patterson (Northwestern University)

“After I failed the bar exam in July ‘23 with poor written scores, I realized I needed a tutor for my upcoming retake in February ‘24. After some research, I decided on Steve Zikman for help on the written portions of the exam. Steve was exacting and intense, and had a defined and rigid system that he applied to his tutoring style that seemed to mirror the Bar’s essay grading. I learned a lot about the Bar’s grading style and how exactly to present my topics and essays through Steve and was ultimately able to pass the February Bar with his help.”

Kathleen L. (University of San Diego School of Law)

“I reached out to Steve after I failed the July 2023 California Bar Exam. My daughter had just turned 1 year old and I was working full time as an attorney practicing in Washington state, where I had been license since 2016. Steve’s line by line methodology for the essays and performance tests exposes all the mistakes you’re making that you may not even realize you’re making. He then teaches you how to fix your mistakes using a teaching style that is intense, sometimes harsh, but always with an intent to get you to pass. He will likely dismantle a lot of what you thought were the best ways to write or study for the exam, and if you’re lucky, he’ll also dismantle any inflated sense of ego standing in your way. Commit to the work, trust in Steve’s process, and like me, you’ll see your name on the pass list.”

Jeff H. (Washington University School of Law)

“After using a generic bar review course on my first attempt, Steve took the guess work out of studying for the bar. I came to Steve knowing my multiple choice strategy was weak and my essays were decent but disorganized. Steve provided a complete outline for every subject and a step-by-step method for approaching any essay question. It took time to master this new system but once I did, I felt more confident and heard Steve’s voice in my head as I typed. Steve listened to my personal interests and made analogies to the content, as well as making the study process feel like a “ski race” or “cooking a meal.” When studying for the July 2023 exam, I passively watched videos and wrote each essay only once and moved on. I tried to write average essays in a range of topics without a clear structure. With guidance from Steve, it was game-changing to have this new and organized approach. We rewrote each essay and reviewed sample answers for each and every essay, line-by-line. On the multiple choice, I was able to dramatically improve my timing and mastery by going through error analysis every week leading up to the exam. It was frustrating to analyze the same mistakes repeatedly, but I know confronting the difficulty was what led to my ultimate success in February 2024.”

Erika S. (Osgoode Hall Law School, 1998)

“Steve coached me to a win when the stakes could not have been higher. After failing the July 2023 exam, I almost gave up. I had been out of law school for 25 years and had not attended a U.S. law school. These obstacles felt overwhelming. Immediately upon starting with Steve, I felt in great hands. Steve set a schedule, focused me on the right material and taught me his essay strategy to get the points needed to pass. Steve is very direct and straight to the point because he is laser-focused on improving results. In particular, I found his subject outlines invaluable. With so much new law to cover, I struggled with how to narrow down and digest the relevant and necessary information. Steve breaks his outlines into issues and issue clusters that are essential for focusing on what the essay graders are looking for. He shows you how to spot the correct issues based on the common fact patterns presented. I was over-writing and getting in my own way. Steve corrected that. Based on strictly adhering to Steve’s schedule and employing his MBE strategies, I did over 1900 MBE practice questions and drastically improved on my multiple choice results. His methods are not easy, there is no magic trick but his preparation definitely reduced my anxiety during test days and got me across the finish line! I whole-heartedly owe my success in passing the February 2024 bar exam to Steve. Thank you Steve!”

M.C. (Stanford Law School)

“Steve’s help was essential for me to balance a demanding job and keep me on track studying for the bar exam. For me, the self guided online course was not enough – especially since it comes with hours and hours of passive learning. Steve emphasizes exclusively active learning, where you are either writing or taking practice questions. He keeps students on a study schedule with specific milestones and tasks to achieve each week. And he provides detailed feedback on your writing and legal analysis. The skills I learned from Steve have already given me a boost at my job and I am certain they will serve me extremely well in my legal career.”

Aaron B. (Pepperdine Law School)

“I’m very grateful to Steve for guiding me to success in passing the Nevada bar exam on my first attempt. I was introduced to Steve by a close friend who also achieved success by working with him. I graduated law school 5 years ago and never took the bar before. When I graduated, I decided to put off the bar exam due to being unsure of my readiness and overwhelmed by the challenge. Steve helped me overcome this by offering personalized guidance tailored to my specific needs. Unlike the cookie-cutter programs offered by larger bar-prep companies, Steve’s approach addressed my weaknesses head-on, particularly my writing skills. Reflecting the leadership qualities I admired in my military service, Steve struck a balance between tough love and unwavering support. His high standards challenged me to exceed my own expectations, while his empathy provided crucial encouragement during moments of self-doubt. For anyone seeking a tutor who combines personalized attention with a genuine commitment to their success, I wholeheartedly recommend Steve. His guidance transformed my apprehension into confidence, and I am appreciative for his help.”

V.C. (UC Law San Francisco, formerly UC Hastings)

“I’m so grateful to Steve for his guidance in helping me prepare for and successfully pass the February 2024 bar exam. I appreciate Steve’s ability to recognize my strengths and weaknesses in bar preparation and test-taking. I used a generic bar prep course for my first bar attempt, but I was struggling with understanding the bar and how to best tackle it and the generic bar course just wasn’t able to provide the personalized guidance that I needed for success. Steve helped me understand the best approach to studying; taught me how to write for the bar; how to attack multiple choice problems; and most importantly, held me accountable and on-track every step of the way. The first time I took the bar, I struggled with staying on a good study schedule because I was preoccupied with personal matters, and when I did study, I wasted so much time trying to memorize everything the first time around rather than getting through all the materials. Under Steve’s tutelage, I learned that the bar is about breadth, not depth, so it’s vital to cover more material rather than get stuck in the weeds in one area of a topic that may not even end up being tested. Steve kept me on-track every step of the way, making sure that I didn’t get tunnel vision and that I was sticking to a schedule to keep moving forward. I, personally, also appreciate Steve’s honest and straightforward teaching approach. He was encouraging but, as needed, would tell me what I needed to hear rather than waste time and tell me what I wanted to hear. Thank you, Steve.”

K.G. (Hastings / now UC Law San Francisco)

“After sitting for the California Bar three times, using three different prep methods, I can honestly say that Steve’s structured yet personalized approach is what made the difference and helped me ultimately pass. I had previously used a large commercial course and a different personal tutor and trusted that as long as I followed those test taking approaches, put in the work, did all of the practice questions and essays that I could, that I would be fine. By the time I found Steve, I had lost my job due to failed attempts and was incredibly demoralized and defeated. I felt that I knew the information being tested, worked tirelessly, and adjusted my study approach, but it was not reflected in my scores. I did not understand what I was doing wrong and why others taking those same courses were able to pass. After speaking with Steve, I knew his approach would be a better fit for me. Throughout our time working together, I felt that Steve saw me as a person, rather than a statistic. He helped me to better understand the exam and see it for what it is (and is not). Steve’s approach struck an effective balance between teaching me to apply the material in a manner that would receive credit from graders and providing personalized feedback and insight that helped pinpoint my specific roadblocks. I appreciated that the physical materials he provided were organized in a way to help me easily memorize and effectively apply the rules. For me however, the biggest difference was that Steve had me immediately rewrite practice essays and write down detailed, guided reflections that helped me focus my improvement. This approach proved more effective for me than trying to get through as many essays or questions as possible and forced me to make space for much-needed personal reflection. I am grateful for Steve’s support and care as I learned the best way for ME to pass this extremely difficult exam. His approach gave me the skills and self-confidence necessary to feel more in control of the test and be the best exam-taker I could be. I felt confident that I knew what a highly-graded essay or performance exam looked like and confident that I had a plan of attack for the essays that I could put into action immediately and avoid wasting time spinning my wheels. His approach helped me to not feel lost. I highly recommend him and his approach to anyone, particularly to re-takers.”

Saam Arzang (University of San Francisco School of Law)

“I was in a pretty dark and hopeless place with regards to bar prep until I started working with Steve. I had turned the bar exam into my own professional boogieman and lost all confidence in myself. While it didn’t happen over night, Steve changed all that. The best way to explain Steve is tough but fair. Overall, I took the bar 3 times. The first time was right out of law school and I wasn’t particularly close. Steve taught me to simplify my writing and always focus on what I thought. I can still hear him say “it’s not that deep, leave the perfectionist behind.” On the MBE’s he helped me identify the patterns behind my mistakes. Once we identified the patterns, it allowed me to focus on my problem areas and hone in on my weaknesses. After I started working with Steve and took the bar again, I fell short approximately 20 points. I went from not being close to 20 points shy. Although I was still devastated, Steve helped me bounce right back. He continued to believe in me when I didn’t believe in myself. At that point, I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to take the next administered bar but with Steve’s advise and support, I did, and finally passed! I am beyond grateful to Steve and his time. I would not gotten to this point without him. My biggest regret is not having found him right out of law school. If you are looking for a tutor and willing to put in the hours, follow directions, and stay disciplined, Steve is your guy and the next bar exam will be your last.”

Dominic F (University of La Verne – College of Law)

“As a third time retaker, I had to switch up my strategy. I contacted Steve for an initial consultation and I instantly knew he was my saving grace. I failed both the essay portion and MBEs my first two attempts. I decided to go with the Package that reviews Essays, PTs, and MBE. Steve had a strategy that was simple, and extremely effective. He changed my whole approach to the bar exam. Heading into the bar exam I was confident. It did not matter what the bar examiners were going to throw at me. I walked out of the exam knowing I passed. Steve pushed my limits, only having 2 weeks off from work to study, and a baby that was born just 3 days before the exam. I cannot thank Steve enough for the guidance, and toughness that I needed. I highly recommend his tutoring if you want to take the bar exam, pass, and move on with your life. 10/10.”

Zachary Topkis (American University Washington College of Law)

“Steve is a great tutor and coach. He will teach you not only how to fight, but also how to beat the bar exam. I didn’t pass on my first attempt, and I sought out Steve for help. It took me more than one go, but I can proudly, and quite happily, say I have now passed the California Bar Exam during the July 2023 sitting. I know what it is like to fail and the great feeling of finally beating the bar exam. My main advice if you go with Steve is to trust his process and follow his advice. Steve helped me tremendously in improving my MBE and Essay scores. I often would overthink or focus on minute details. For my essays, I would sometimes ‘go down the rabbit hole’ or go ‘bushwhacking’. In other words, I spoke at length about an issue that didn’t hold much weight or over-explained a simple matter that I otherwise could quickly explain and then move on from. Steve really helped guide me and train my attention on where it needed to be to pass. For the PTs, he will teach you the skills and steps you should take to impress the graders. He is professional, compassionate, and really cares about you. I 100% recommend Steve to anyone struggling or needing help focusing on the Bar. Work hard, and he will get you across the finish line.”

Katelyn Feliciano (Berkeley School of Law)

“Steve helped me prepare and pass the February 2023 bar exam.  I had just moved across the country, started a new job, and had about eight weeks to study for the exam.  Steve was prompt and responsive even during the holiday season, and helped me choose the right program for my unique situation.  I signed up for the 6 week intensive program, which focused on the essay portion of the exam.  Steve’s approach to answering each essay question is fool proof– you learn to focus on the question being asked, learn to pick up on key facts, ensure that you address each element of the rule, and do so in a way that is “easy on the eyes” (as Steve would say).  Steve also incorporates reflection into your study, which helps point out patterns in your essays and where to improve, and he keeps on track with moving through the essay subjects.  And if you are a perfectionist like me, Steve also teaches you to write about you think, instead of being stuck on what you don’t know.  Steve was kind enough to offer a few pointers on the MBE, even though MBE prep was not part of my particular program.  Trust Steve’s program and commit to the process and you, too, will make this bar exam your last!”


“Steve helped me a lot with my MBE preparation for the bar exam. He taught me a structured and methodical approach to tackle that part of the exam. He showed me effective strategies to answer MBE questions and improve my skills in that area. He assisted me in turning the MBE into my strong point. He also provided valuable guidance on how to organize and structure my essays and PT portion of the exam, ensuring that I could write well-structured and passing essays. His flash outlines for each subject were concise, straightforward, and to the point as opposed to a commercial program’s outlines in the market that only wasted my time and energy without reaching to the point that was required for passing the bar exam. Thank you so much Steve for helping me through this journey.”

Natalie Contreras (California Western School of Law)

“After failing the bar exam twice and feeling like I was living life on this never-ending hamster wheel, I decided to contact Steve. I needed a one-on-one tutor, with a solid method, that was going to assess my weaknesses to improve. Steve’s method WORKS. He has various packages to choose from so you can determine which package suits you—plus, you always have the option of adding more essays / MBE “drill downs.” Steve really pushes you to understand what you are writing, which was so key for me. On my previous attempts, I used BarBri and was just going through the motions to get all the assignments done, but I didn’t truly understand what I was writing. He also doesn’t guarantee like a lot of these bar prep companies—he provides the tools and feedback while you put in the work. Steve will pull the understanding out of you during your essay revisions in meetings. He is extremely professional, cares, and does not mess around. Expect to work hard and expect truthful feedback.  If you are a repeater, go in with a fresh mindset and apply his method to the fullest. Give his method your all and you got this!  Thanks to Steve, I can proudly say: I PASSED THE FEBRUARY 2023 CA BAR EXAM!”

A.B.S. (Fordham University School of Law)

“I could not have passed the February 2023 CA bar exam without Steve! After passing the NY bar exam right out of law school, I thought CA would not be too difficult. I was wrong! I had two unsuccessful attempts on the CA bar and knew I needed to try something different the third time. Finding Steve changed the game for me! I work 60+ hours a week at my job and Steve helped me figure out a study rhythm that would allow me to keep working (full and part-time) while studying. I loved working with Steve because both his instruction and his materials are to the point- this is what you need to get on the pass list! Not only did I get on the pass list, my legal writing also improved thanks to Steve’s teaching. Steve is the real deal!”

Jessica Sprinkle Topkis (American University – Washington College of Law)

“If you invest in any course to help you pass the bar exam, it should be this one. I had taken the bar once before, using just a generic self-run course but, I didn’t perform well at all and of course, had to retake the bar. I think one of the greatest advantages of Strategic Bar is having Steve there to not only keep you accountable in a way (you really have to keep yourself accountable and commit to doing the work) but in this course you get immediate feedback about MBE performance, essays and PTs. During my former course, it was easy to fall behind and lack the motivation since you never had that one on one instruction where your MBEs patterns were analyzed, where your essay is dissected and you’re given examples on how to improve, or how to actually answer the PTs properly. I took the February 2023 bar exam and even though I had a panic attack and forgot some of the law during the morning session, I used his tips on essays to help me power through it and override my inner-perfectionist that was screaming I was getting it all wrong. At that point, I honestly didn’t think I’d pass, but Steve even told me at the time you never know and to go back and crush the afternoon session as if the morning session never happened. Low and behold, I passed the exam and I know I would not have passed this bar if I did a generic course. Strategic Bar helped me to do everything I needed on the MBEs, essay, and the PT. I couldn’t recommend this course more, especially if you are struggling on how to tackle the writing portion of the exam! The way Steve has you approach essays is by far, one of the most valuable things I took away from the course. One of my professors used to say there are no cheats to the bar exam, but honestly, the way Steve has you structure your essays within each subject feels like one because he shows you how to ensure the grader can quickly and efficiently get through your essay and find the points of law you are hitting upon. He has a formula for each area of law, and the different issues within that area so you can efficiently get down what you need to have a passing essay and what will just take up time unnecessarily. If you want to give yourself the best shot at passing the bar, sign up for this course and COMMIT TO THE WORK – he doesn’t assign anything that’s not necessary. Everything is perfectly designed to challenge you, help you learn, and ultimately to help you pass the bar.”

Robyn Shields (University of Ottawa)

“I had recently relocated to California from Ontario, Canada at the end of September because of my husband’s job. I was nervous about taking the February California Bar Exam because it is significantly different from the Ontario exams. Luckily, the wife of one of my husband’s colleagues, who had been in a similar situation (also relocated Canadian lawyer), recommended Steve to me and said that she “swears by Steve” as a tutor. After this process, I can honestly say the same as well. Steve has a very methodical yet personalized approach to guiding students on how to prepare for the exam. He is fully committed to helping students succeed and his study plan, outlines, and other materials set you up for success, if you are as committed to the process as he is. Steve can be a bit intense for some people because there is no form of handholding or coddling. He holds you accountable throughout the entire process and that was exactly what I needed to stay focused on preparing for the exam. The biggest help Steve provided me was teaching me how to answer essay questions. Towards the end of the process, I reviewed the first couple of essays that I wrote for him and compared them to the last ones I wrote for him. It is absolutely incredible to see the differences in the quality of answers. It was as if a whole new different person wrote the answer. Also, Steve’s outlines are very well-structured which makes it easier to memorize the material in the final preparation for the exams. On the day of the exam, Steve takes the time to give his students a pep talk during lunch time and at the end of the first day. His advice helped me stay focused and prepare for the MBE portion. I definitely would not have passed on my first try without Steve’s help. I know he can help you pass, whether you’re a repeater or a first time bar taker.”  

Sydney Rusch (California Western School of Law)

“I worked with Steve to study for the recent July 2022 bar examination. Hands down it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was a first time bar taker and had just secured my dream job after law school. I wanted to do everything I could to pass on my first try so that I didn’t lose this job and amazing opportunity. Steve made this possible. I was so nervous and insecure when I first started studying. I originally started bar prep in another large group study program and immediately felt myself falling behind. I was convinced there was no way I would ever be able to pass this test. I knew that I needed a more individualized study program, so I started looking for tutors. I felt an instant confidence boost after my first conversation with Steve. Over the next few months he worked with me to improve my essay writing and multiple choice scores. He also helped me deal with the stress, ease my anxiety, and boost my overall confidence. Steve is a straight shooter and keeps you focused. He is very honest and will tell you exactly what you need to keep improving. Studying for the bar is a grueling process and Steve helped me stay on track every step of the way. When it came time to take the actual bar, I felt prepared and used the tools and strategies he taught me to keep moving through the exam. After months of waiting, getting that “pass” was the best moment of my life. I am so grateful for Steve and his program. Not only are his outlines great, but he teaches you how to study, how to take the test, and how to not give up on yourself. I highly recommend working with Steve to anyone who wants an individualized, strategic study plan. I passed on my first try and you can too!”

Justin M. (George Washington University Law School)

“Steve has a direct style of teaching the bar exam with no fluff and no filler. He has a mechanical approach to attacking the essays on the exam. This is good because you don’t want to show up on exam day and waste time on figuring out  how you’re going to structure an essay. You just need to write it. Steve teaches you how to do this effectively and efficiently. Steve gives you a study plan and pushes you to stay on track. He doesn’t babysit or hold your hand, but he does push you to help you live up to your full potential and pass the exam. His outlines are well-structured and simpler than major bar prep outlines. This was immensely helpful because it makes the law much easier to memorize for exam day.  If you’re looking for a bar coach for the next bar exam I strongly recommend Steve. I don’t know how I would have passed without him.”

Anthony Perez (UC Irvine School of Law)

“Steve is an excellent bar tutor. After an unsuccessful attempt in July 2021, the bar exam left me feeling defeated and demoralized. I had studied with Barbri for my first sitting and thought that if I followed their lead, I’d pass. What I didn’t realize while studying with Barbri was that I really needed personalized help with essays, performance tests, and my testing anxiety. This is where Steve’s guidance was most helpful. He spent quality time reviewing each sentence of my essay and challenged me to improve on all aspects of my writing. He taught me his specific method for organizing my thoughts so that my rule statement, analysis, and conclusion for each issue directly addressed each essay and performance test question. He also helped talk through my testing anxiety and encouraged me to apply for an accommodation and seek professional guidance for those issues. His help made a world of difference for me. I know he’ll do the same for you!”

J.J. (Golden Gate University School of Law)

“Finding the right resources to pass the California Bar Exam is a challenge itself.  There are a lot of options out there and they are not necessarily designed for YOU.  Steve’s program is special because it is curated to meet YOUR needs, whatever they might be.  For me, it was a combination of working full time, failing twice (by small margins) before enlisting Steve’s assistance, and fighting back the self-doubt that came with it all.  Steve gave me the tools I needed to learn to “play the game” and rack up the points that ultimately got me a passing score on my third time.  He also provided me with techniques to handle all of the intangibles that ultimately arise on the test days (even a false start from the proctors did not rock me!).  Not only did he unlock a new perspective on my strategy for taking the exam, he helped me stay accountable and on track in my studies along the way.  It was a privilege to work with Steve and I am proud to be sharing my testimonial recommending him to others seeking to pass the California Bar Exam.”

Alex Butterworth (The University of Western Australia)

“As an Australian qualified lawyer, seeking admission in California, Steve supported me to completely transform my essay writing style and problem solving skills to maximize my chances of passing. Steve helped me understand the little details that, when aggregated, add up to a pass or fail, and how to use them to help myself pass. I was working full time while studying for the exam, but Steve ensured I stayed on schedule through my studies, so that on exam day I was as prepared as possible for the challenge of the exam. His direct feedback on my work allowed me to pivot quickly away from habits and tendencies that were reducing my chances of passing, towards ones that increased my chances of passing.”

Karen (New York Law School)

“After  30 years of practicing law on the east coast, I decided to take the California bar. I enrolled with a national bar review course, figuring that if I studied hard and did very well on their graded essays I would pass with flying colors. Not the case; I failed by a mere 12 points. Their “graded” essays gave me a false sense of accomplishment and the course failed to show me how to answer the questions in a way the bar examiners wanted. Very frustrated with the time, energy and money I’d wasted, I signed up with Steve Zikman to retake the Attorneys Exam of the bar. Steve has a very specific method of preparing students for the essay subjects tested on the bar. He teaches an approach to writing the essays in general, plus more specific approaches to each of the subject areas. The techniques are very useful in getting to a quality answer within the short one-hour period allotted for each essay; an answer that the exam graders can easily follow. Steve also has a very effective approach to the performance test section. Aside from the techniques, Steve was very giving of his time and is genuinely invested in your success. If you are willing to work hard and follow Steve’s guidelines closely, (and in my case leave your conclusory lawyer habits behind) you too will achieve a successful result.”

D. R. (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)

“Steve’s strategic bar tutoring is a structured program that really helped me understand a new perspective on approaching the California bar. I had to repeat the bar a few times because the essays tend to be very subjective when graded. However, after doing many Essays and Performance Tests with Steve, his series of corrections and rewrites left very little room for subjectivity when it came to grading. His methodology makes it easier for the grader to give you a passing grade since it’s broken out in an easy-to-read format. His MBE Drilldowns using Adaptibar really helped me understand what I was missing and why I was missing the correct answer, which helped me drastically improve my MBE score.  Steve was very clear about what I needed to be working on, kept me accountable, and followed up with two phone calls for each foundational essay tailored to address my weak areas. The program is well worth the money. I highly recommend Steve for both repeaters and first time bar takers.”

Austin (University of South California)

“I can’t say enough about how well Steve prepared me to tackle the CA Bar. After two previous failed attempts, he helped me to develop a plan to completely rework my approach to the essays, taking advantage of my strengths and spending significant time working through my weaknesses. Steve’s comprehensive outlines, helpful pointers about how to remain relaxed on exam day and, most importantly, his willingness to create a study plan narrowly tailored to your needs will have you wondering how you ever studied without him. If you’re struggling with passing the CA Bar and need a little extra push to get you over that hump, look no further than Steve Zikman.”

Mary A. (University of San Francisco School of Law)

“I failed the bar three times. After my third attempt, I felt completely discouraged, frustrated and terrified, as I was not sure what else I could do to prepare. I was also working full-time, and I thought my only option was to quit my job so I could dedicate all of my time to studying. However, a good friend of mine referred me to Steve and told me to hear him out before making any decisions about my job. I reached out and after discussing a plan of action, I felt, for the first time, that I could beat this thing while still working. Steve first established a study schedule that was tailored to my work schedule, which was extremely helpful. He then immediately began working on my essay writing skills, which included breaking down my essays line by line and taught me how to use every single fact in the fact pattern. Regarding the MBEs, Steve made sure that I understood WHY I got each answer wrong versus simply focusing on quantity. Lastly, and most importantly, I experienced pretty extreme test anxiety after my failed attempts, and Steve’s methods gave me newfound confidence after I saw such improvement in such a short amount of time. I would highly recommend Steve’s program to both first-time and repeat takers.”

Victoria S.

“Working with Steve was one of the two best things I could have done to pass the California State Bar Exam. He provides the materials necessary to conquer the job at hand. He is direct, specific, persistent, reliable, knowledgeable; making him an excellent trainer because he literally gives you the tools and drills required to advance your skills to the next level. The other best decision I made in preparing for (repeating) the California Bar Exam was to rent office space. Creating a dedicated space to prepare for the bar allowed me to focus on my assignments, be in the right headspace with my bar coach and gave me the ability to really own my journey. I’m happy to reveal that I crossed the finish line (passed the bar!) and will be eternally grateful for the coaching I received from Steve Zikman. If you want to pass the bar, and need that extra push that only a committed professional can provide to keep you on track, you will be fortunate to have Steve Zikman on your team as your coach.”


“I passed on my first try and I have absolutely NO regrets choosing Steve and his program to help me pass the CA bar! The bar is not only challenging academically, but it is also emotionally and mentally challenging. Steve’s no nonsense attitude helps you get through this challenging period! Not only does Steve ensure that you do the work (through multiple MBE drilldowns and many essay and PT practice tests), but his no nonsense attitude ensures that you do not second guess or doubt yourself when you are studying and eventually taking the exam! He becomes your voice of reason. He is absolutely committed to ensuring that you give yourself the best possible chance to succeed! Moreover, he always takes his time to address any concerns or questions that you may have about the exam, the course, or his methods. Finally, Steve is not only a coach and tutor, but he’s also a greatly needed support system through this challenging period! Overall, I highly recommend Steve’s program if you want to be one and done! Good luck!!”

Kristine Du (Monterey College of Law)

I have been trying to take the bar exam for a few years and I haven’t been able to get on the pass list. I have tried to get a private tutor AND study the Barbri course but nothing works. So I decided to go with Steve Zikman after researching for a bar tutor and reading all the reviews on Yelp. Even then, I still have doubts about my ability to pass. After consulting with Steve for our first phone call, I knew he has a strategy that is different than what I was familiar with. He told me everything I needed to know about his strategy and how to approach the bar exam this time around, especially what my strengths and weaknesses are from looking at my past scores. Let me say this, he is expensive!!! But is he worth it? ABSOLUTELY!! Had I known, I would have went with him in the first place. He prepared me for every steps of the way and called to check in during exam days and he followed up afterward. He is dedicated and honest about your performance. He is strict and will not tolerate you slacking, but that’s what takes to get you on the pass list. I have to say, I got my name on the pass list for the February 2021 bar exam and I couldn’t be more happy. After many years, I finally passed my bar exam!!! I would recommend him to everyone who wants to pass the bar exam. HE IS WORTH IT!!!

Angela Post (Trinity Law School)

“After taking 13 years off from my 4th attempt at the bar Steve’s techniques and approach to writing to pass the bar was exactly what I needed.  Steve Zikman is a personalized tutor, not a one size fits all. He truly figures out what’s wrong with your writing and what you need to fix to pass the bar.  He helped me unlearn all the confusion from all the different prep courses I had taken years ago and start from scratch.  His line by line breakdown of what I was doing wrong in my analysis and how to make it right to pass the bar my 1st time after 13 years of never thinking I would take this test again was invaluable.  He showed me how I was not using the facts and applying it to the law, even though I thought that’s what I had being doing.  Steve also taught me how to attack the performance portion of the test, and to apply the analysis techniques from the essay portion that no other prep course has ever done for me.  I’m forever grateful to Steve Zikman for helping me to make this the last time I’ll ever have to take this test again.”

Mona Goodarzi (UCI School of Law)

“After two failed attempts at the California bar, I was ready to give up. I felt completely exhausted and didn’t think that I could take it another time because of how mentally draining the entire process was. After my friend recommended Steve to me, I gave him a call and we had a great conversation that put me right back on the saddle. Steve was an amazing tutor for me because he kept me motivated during the entire process. He kept reminding me to keep my eye on the goal and take it one day at a time. His detailed essay writing process was extremely helpful because he took the time to walk me through and explain exactly what I needed by essays to include, how to present the facts to the graders, and how to analyze in a way that would earn me the optimal amount of points. Most helpful in my opinion was Steve’s lessons regarding the performance test portion of the exam. I had a lot of trouble with organization and feeling overwhelmed during the PT. With Steve‘s help, however, I was able to go into the PT calmly and felt like I had a bulletproof attack plan for anything that they threw at me. Steve gave me exactly the kind of tough love that I needed to pass the bar, and I am more than happy to recommend him to future bar examinees.”

Elena S. (UCLA School of Law, LLM)

“As a repeat test taker, studying with Steve was the best decision I made. First, Steve developed a schedule that would fit with my work schedule and ensured that I was progressing through the material at the right pace. Having set deadlines for completing essays and being accountable to someone other than myself really pushed me to make the best out of the learning experience. Second, Steve’s approach to essay writing gave me the confidence to know how to tackle any essay or PT, without having to stress. Once I learned the strategy, I was able to sit for the test knowing that regardless of the essay topic I would know exactly how to start and how to use the facts in the question to write a coherent answer. Although the MBEs had been my biggest struggle in the past, I would highly recommend learning Steve’s approach to essay writing because, even though my essays on previous exams were not terrible, I gained so much knowledge and confidence. Third, for the MBE section of the bar, which had been my greatest problem, through the guided exercises and thorough analysis, I was able to finally identify the reason for so many of my mistakes. Once I made that connection, my scores jumped dramatically – I felt like it all finally clicked. In short, if you follow Steve’s program and commit to taking it seriously (i.e. actually work through the material, study, and follow the schedule), I can confidently say your chances of passing the Bar Exam will be very high.”

Valerie S. (Pepperdine Caruso School of Law)

“Prior to Steve’s guidance, I knew the black letter law, but I did not know how to write a passing bar essay. Steve truly cares about his students, and will go line by line for every essay for every single topic, explaining how to master structure, and most importantly, how to apply rules to all of the given facts in the way bar examiners expect to see it. Prior to Steve’s help, I was constantly overlooking important facts, and Steve taught me how to properly use every fact, which is crucial. Steve’s approach to the performance test was equally indispensable, and he allowed me to gain the skills and confidence to master any performance test in the allotted 90 minutes. Steve is a huge reason why I passed the bar exam, and I cannot commend him enough for the time and effort he dedicates to his students. He understands how to take this test, and if you put in the work and follow his guidelines, you will truly be satisfied with what you achieve.”

J.N. (Vermont Law School)

“If you’re like I was and fed-up with having to take the CA Bar exam again, I would highly recommend Steve! Thanks to him I was finally able to pass the exam on my third try. I knew the essays were my weakness, but my attempts at improving them via other methods wasn’t working. Turns out my problem was I didn’t know WHY the essays were my weakness, and Steve helped me figure out how to fix that. Steve helped me learn that there is more to bar essays than timing and regurgitation of everything we’ve ever memorized. Instead, he taught me how to test smart by sticking to a set formula. Through this I learned how to improve my existing skillset so that I was not doing things unnecessarily, while ensuring that every word I wrote had a purpose. After each essay, Steve would give detailed critique and examples on how to improve them so that my revisions were more purposeful and could later be built upon. Eventually, following Steve’s formula became second nature. Through repetition and growing comfort in writing bar essays, I was also able to improve my timing.  This was definitely a time consuming process, but in the long-run was very helpful and made a huge difference in how I tackled each essay question. Steve helped me learn from my mistakes and how to identify those mistakes so that I wouldn’t make them again. Steve’s process helped me gain confidence in my ability to pass the test. I learned how to stop getting in my own way and how to write passing bar essays. Finally, even though I was working full-time, it wasn’t unmanageable as we were able to find a study schedule that worked within my work schedule. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone that wants to pass the CA Bar!”

Navraj Rai (McGeorge School of Law)

“I would like to preface with the fact that I had failed the exam 4 times, so I completely understand what a lot of people considering having a tutor are going through. Steve’s program was the cornerstone of my success on the bar exam. As a repeat taker I realized that the bar exam is equal parts knowing the subjects, but also timing yourself and your workload properly so that you are at your best when the exam takes place. Steve’s methodology regularly transitions between essays and MBE’s to make sure that you are well rounded on both parts of the exam. Naturally some are better at one portion of the exam than others, and the way that Steve has created the program is that your weaker areas will be brought to the forefront and one will be forced to focus on that weakness. I had hired Steve for two of my exams. The first time I was only .03 points away from passing the February 2020 bar exam (which only had a 26% pass rate). Had this been any other exam, I would have passed with flying colors. My results on that exam placed me within the top 15% of students in the entire nation and in many subjects I was placed in the top 1-5%. The second time I was finally able to pass the exam and within 10 minutes of passing I received a call from the District Attorney’s office for a job. I have Steve to thank for this new chapter and opportunity in my life. He genuinely cares for his students’ success and keeps them on track the entire way through.”

Allison Kuska (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)

“I worked with Steve for the July 2019, February 2020, and October 2020 bar exam. Each time I worked with Steve, I improved over 100 scaled points from my initial scores, and was able to ultimately pass the October 2020 bar exam. I truly believe that I owe my bar exam success all to Steve. Working with Steve changed the way I approached the bar exam and also how I viewed the test. Steve not only teaches you the pertinent subjects/issues, but HOW to take the exam. Even small changes in analysis can make a big difference in regards to scoring higher. Also, the MBE drill downs help to change the way you approach the MBEs and help to mitigate the common mistakes that occur when picking a wrong answer. Steve can be tough, but it is because he truly wants you to learn and succeed. Additionally, Steve understood the moments where I was overwhelmed and second guessing myself and was able to help me through those tough moments so I could continue to successfully study. I greatly trust and respect Steve, and am thankful that I chose him as my tutor/coach on my bar exam journey.”

Eric Boim (University of West Los Angeles School of Law)

“If you truly want to pass the California Bar Exam, I highly recommend taking Steve’s course. Steve pushed me not only to become a better exam writer, but challenged me to think and argue like a lawyer. Steve helped me on all 3 portions of the bar exam (essays, MBE’s, and PT’s). Before taking Steve, my biggest struggle on the bar exam was essay writing, particularly the analysis section. I had trouble understanding how to properly argue the facts and weave those facts into the law, which ultimately made my analysis too conclusory. After working with Steve, the quality of my analysis improved drastically as I finally understood how to use and argue the facts in a lawyer-like manner. Further, Steve teaches you how to answer the call of the question, which is essential in order to pass. Although Steve’s approach is tough and he gives you plenty of work, he genuinely cares about your success and will do whatever it takes to make sure you’re successful on the exam. In addition, Steve’s subject outlines are tremendous and extremely helpful. By following his exam tips, my analysis became more concise and in fact, easier to write. Thanks to Steve’s guidance, I passed the October 2020 Bar Exam. More importantly, however, he taught me valuable skills that I will use throughout my law career.”

D. Le (UC Hastings)

“As a one-time bar taker(!!), I would unequivocally recommend Steve in your California bar prep efforts.  I tested out a major test prep course in one of my law school classes and immediately knew that the watching lecture videos and filling out handouts format was not conducive to my style of learning.  I then searched for a private tutor and luckily found Steve – Steve’s methods work! My MBE score went up 35.8% from working with him, and most importantly in my opinion, I felt confident and prepared for the essays on exam day.  Steve provides you with all the tools to succeed, including detailed outlines and line-by-line feedback on essays.  I felt that Steve truly cared about my success as was evidenced by him working with me for an extra 3 months up until exam day when the bar exam was postponed due to the pandemic.  Despite all the external stressors in the world at the time, Steve kept me focused on my ultimate goal of passing the bar with regular check-ins and support.  Working with Steve was absolutely worth the investment, and he’ll help you pass the bar!”

Christin Dale (University of Dayton School of Law)

“My name is Christin, I am a graduate of the University of Dayton School of Law in Ohio. I had taken the California Bar exam three times and used Themis’ bar review course to prep for the exams. After my third attempt, I decided to enlist the help of a tutor. I searched several tutors but Steve stuck out to me. We discussed my previous attempts at the exam and he gave me some initial feedback, focusing on what he could help me improve. Themis was a good course but it can’t compare to the support and assistance I received from Steve. Steve worked on both the MBE and essay portions of the exam with me. The MBE work is very straightforward but his approach helped me nail down what subjects and topics were the hardest for me and needed the most attention. Steve taught me how to conform my writing to what the California bar exam graders wanted to see. Steve also taught me how to use and expand on the essay fact patterns, an area where I admittedly struggled. Steve’s approach truly did work for me. I was getting nowhere using the same approach three times in a row. When I reached out to Steve, he emphasized that I would need to trust the process (as did the numerous references I reached out to). I did just that. I trusted Steve’s process, I put in the time and effort, and it worked. Lastly, Steve kept updated on the latest developments concerning remote testing. He remained focused on what we knew about the exam and was available for questions and concerns. Steve offers an approach that was unique from what I could find in a large vendor course. I would highly recommend Steve’s program to first time and repeat test takers.”

B.L. (UC Hastings, College of the Law)

“I studied for the bar exam with Steve, and I passed on my first try! Determined not to become a repeat bar examinee and feeling extremely anxious, I followed Steve’s advice in starting bar prep a few months early. Having the extra months was critical in becoming familiar with the exam and getting a good overall review of the tested subjects, using Steve’s pre-made outlines. By the time everyone else was starting bar prep, I was already in my second round of subject review and ramping up my practice essays, using Steve’s methodology. With my early start and the unlimited essay package with one-on-one review with Steve, I felt less nervous and was more able to concentrate on filling in gaps in my weaker subject areas and applying Steve’s methodology. Steve taught me how to write essays in a way that makes the bar exam mechanical and less scary, which made me feel more confident on exam day. Toward the end of bar prep, I could confidently approach each essay and, most importantly, I could finish on time. Steve is an efficient and tough tutor. This program is like a bootcamp, which may feel rough at times, but it worked- and that’s what I paid for! I’m definitely satisfied with the experience. I would recommend this program to those who have a good understanding of the subjects but still need guidance in exam-style essay writing and especially to those who are afraid anxiety or nerves will get in the way of bar prep.”

Savannah Jenner-Smith (Southern California Institute of Law)

“I worked with Steve to prepare for the July 2019, February 2020, and October 2020 CA Bar Exams. Steve has a curated study program for Essay’s, MBE’s, and the PT, all of which I utilized, and recommend. I knew from early on in my academic career that standardized tests were not a strong suit, and I would need to work hard to achieve this goal. I chose to continue working with Steve after not passing because I saw the improvements from his coaching each time. I had taken the exam and used BarBri before working with Steve. I loved that Steve’s outlines were designed by commonly tested topics on the exam, rather than the exhaustive and overwhelming generic outlines I had previously worked with. Steve’s study materials felt manageable, thorough, had useful tips, and clearly noted CA distinctions. Steve’s coaching style was the right amount of accountability for me. I was able to create my own schedule and stick to it while the coaching sessions gave me deadlines to structure my schedule around. I appreciated Steve’s ability to effectively communicate feedback about my writing, and follow up with tasks to assist me in spotting my own errors as well as strengths. I am excited to recommend Steve as a tutor to anyone serious about passing the exam. Trust his expertise, his process, and follow instructions. Good luck!”

Francisco R. (University of San Diego School of Law)

“Steve was recommended to me by a friend and I could not be happier that I listened. I failed in July 2019 and February 2020 and felt discouraged. I knew my essay writing needed to improve, but was confused because I knew I had the correct law in my responses—yet was not scoring high enough. I finally used Steve for the October 2020 exam and passed. Steve pointed out the patterns in my writing that were costing me points, and he provided me with a structure and formula to improve my writing. Using his essay structure and formula will make you feel more confident about your essays. You will begin each essay knowing exactly how to start the process and the format to use. Even when a question came up that I could not recall the exact law for, I was able to produce an essay that would ensure me points by following his outline. Steve is an effective communicator, holds you accountable, and after every meeting with him you will feel better about the upcoming test. If you want to feel confident about doing all that you can to pass the upcoming bar exam, you should work with Steve. I know I wish I could go back and work with him for my first exam.”

A. Stern (George Washington University Law School)

“I have been a practicing attorney for over thirty years but the last time I took a bar exam was 1987. Steve’s materials, approach, and advice were critical to my success so that I could pass on the first try. Steve has a very specific strategy for the  essays and worked with me until this approach was second nature. He gave me specific, individualized feedback and held me accountable. Steve encouraged me to accept my mistakes and learn from them, which is really the only way I could have passed this exam.  I had to put in a lot of work, but Steve provided the techniques, encouragement, and advice that were needed to keep me focused and motivated.”

TD T. (University of Pittsburgh School of Law)

“I found Steve online after failing the California bar twice. At that point, I knew there was either something wrong with the way I was studying or how I was approaching the bar. I spent my first two tries using a standard bar prep course like most law students, which did little to identify my weaknesses. Steve helped me eliminate bad habits, approach the bar strategically, and provided emotional and mental support. Steve’s approach is effective, and his schedule is also flexible for anyone who might be working part-time while studying.”

Lori R. (California Western School of Law)

“After failing the bar exam the first time, I needed a program that would not give me a false sense of confidence, like the popular program I used before. Steve immediately identified my weaknesses, kept me focused on what was important, and encouraged me when I was struggling. Steve’s techniques are strategic but not complicated, I remember wishing that I knew them the 1st time I took the exam. The 2nd time I took the bar I felt more prepared and doubled my word count on most of the essays. When deciding to hire Steve, I was worried about the cost after already spending thousands of dollars on another program, and law school debt, but the investment in Steve’s program was worth it. I passed the second time and I am sincerely grateful for Steve’s coaching.”

M. A. (Empire College School of Law)

“I would highly recommend Steve for coaching and guidance.  His methods helped me get over the hurdle and pass the test . First, in the essay section he guides you through each sentence to maximize points by making it easy for the grader to see you have used each pertinent fact with the appropriate law. Secondly, for the PT Steve helps you organize your thoughts by structuring the law and fact charts in a way that it is easy to recall and use under time constraints. Lastly, on the MBE he will take your weakest subject and make it a strength by continuous repetition and constant feedback on techniques and tips. Steve is a coach and motivator who cares about your success. It is not easy. However, if you are willing to work Steve can help you.  Again, I highly recommend Steve.”

Tess M. (U.C. Irvine Law School)

“With two little kids and a 3rd due in early 3L Spring Semester, I knew I needed a focused and feedback-heavy program to help me pass the first time around. A fellow UCI Law grad referred me to Steve and after talking with many other UCI grads who used his services, I was confident that Steve would provide the structure, breadth, and strategy I would need to be successful on the Bar Exam. I started studying right after Fall semester final exams to get a head start before my baby arrived, but when he arrived a little earlier than planned, I had to re-adjust my study schedule and Steve was very understanding, but he continued to push me to do better once baby and I were back home and ready to tackle more Bar prep. Steve was always there to answer any questions I had, he gave me pointed feedback and structure I needed to learn the law, and he also pushed me to practice all aspects of the Bar Exam over and over. Steve’s strategic and purposeful approach to Bar Prep allowed me to find my weaknesses, analyze why I made mistakes, and put those lessons into practice on the next essay/MBE/MPT, and there were MANY nexts. Steve is tough but fair, and I was grateful to always knew where I stood, and thanks to his methodology I passed the Bar on the first try!”

Tom Vertanous (Loyola Law School)

“Steve is a phenomenal tutor—he knows how to pinpoint your problem while providing with a roadmap to correcting them. If you have used Barbari or Themis and have received cookie cutter responses, such as: “needs more analysis” or “do IRAC”, you are not alone. My biggest problem with Themis was that I did not know what I was doing wrong. As such, I would keep repeating the same mistakes over. However, with Steve’s approach it became evident what my problems were after my first essay, and with some work, I was able to understand and correct those same mistakes.  Aside from the general tips and tricks Steve’s program provides (structure, layout, into, conclusion, transition words), Steve’s program also provides students with a plan that is tailored for them. For example, after a few essays, it became apparent to me that I was too vague—rather than spending the time to explain the importance of a fact, I would move onto the next issue, leaving behind a general, none passing answer. However, using Steve’s approach, I was able to delineate the power and importance of analyzing’s key facts. Over time, I developed the ability to quickly pinpoint: key issues, facts, and even words, which in turn allowed me to attract points many test takers do miss, resulting in a passing score.  In addition to the tangible skills I picked up using Steve’s program, I also entered test day with a new found confidence. Rather than worrying about what essay topic’s I may receive, or pondering on what I didn’t know, I walked into test day ready to tackle anything that was coming way.”

O.K. (Empire College School of Law)

“Without Steve’s help, I would not have passed the February 2020 California Bar Exam.  After failing the bar exam a couple of times, my self-esteem was really low.  I would put a ton of hours into studying and still could not pass it on my own.  Although my prior exam scores were close to passing, I noticed that there was no significant progress in my studying.  Before I signed up with Steve, two people recommended him to me, so I felt reassured in my decision to go with him.  Steve provides his outlines for every subject that are concise and straight to the point.  He taught me to write essays that are beautiful, easy to follow and would impress the graders.  He went line-by-line on my writing.  Also, his guidance on PTs was amazing.  His MBE approach helped me to improve my scores significantly.  Using Steve’s approach, not only did I improve my knowledge, writing and skills, but also I grew more confident towards taking the bar exam.  I also would like to point out that English is my second language, and Steve was beyond helpful and patient with me as it related to this added challenge.  I would highly recommend Steve.  He is your way to passing the bar.  Thank you, Steve!”

Joshua L. (DePaul College of Law)

“After taking the CA Bar for the second time and failing, I knew it was time to look at other options and take a different approach. I had used the BarBri program twice, followed the process, and still was not realizing my goal of achieving a passing score. Once I started working with Steve, it immediately became clear the areas that I needed to improve on. Working with Steve helped me realize the mistakes I was continuing to make, develop better test taking habits, and answer bar questions in a way that helped me achieve a passing score. Simply put, Steve’s approach to taking the CA Bar works. Steve’s in-depth knowledge and experience with the CA Bar exam has allowed him to create a test prep program that truly prepares you for the challenge. Steve taught me his step-by-step approach to answering bar questions, which is easily applicable to all subjects, while teaching me tips and tricks along the way to give me the edge I needed. Whether you are a first-time taker or a repeater, I highly recommend Steve and his program.”

S.M. (Temple University, Beasley School of Law)

“Steve was incredibly helpful preparing me to take the California bar exam. As someone who does not typically do well on standardized tests and suffers from anxiety, I needed someone who would work with me to keep my confidence up by telling me what I was doing right and wrong and how to correct my mistakes in a clear and concise way, as well as foster a positive mindset going into the exam. I had to put in the work to succeed, but Steve provided me with the tools necessary to pass the California bar exam and a plan for success.   Steve helped identify my weaknesses and provided me with the tools necessary for success. He provided me with not only the outlines to learn the material, but a plan and guidance on how to write for the bar exam graders. This is what I found most important – you need to write attractive essays/PT that are clear and concise with good analysis that uses the facts, to get every point possible. Steve taught me how to do that. When exam day came and I was stressed and anxious, I could tap into those tools to write well despite that anxiety – which I 100% felt on test day. You must take the PT seriously! I can absolutely say that when I got to the PT on exam day, I was beyond happy that Steve taught me how to write this specific kind of PT – I knew exactly what to do, so when I wrote I was in a great mindset and could get those much needed points. As an out-of-state attorney (barred for 4+ years) who worked full-time on the east coast during my California bar exam preparation, I needed some who was going to help keep me on track and prepare me to write for success on the exam as efficiently as possible. I used a commercial company for the exam in my first admitted state and did not find their outlines or their guidance on essay writing, particularly helpful. I did not pass my first admitted state the first time, so the fact that I passed the California bar exam – a more difficult exam with a historically low passage rate – the first time is amazing! To reiterate what I said above, I had to work hard and hustle to succeed, but Steve provided me with the tools necessary for success on the California bar exam the first time. I cannot thank Steve enough for his guidance and recommend him to anyone taking the beast that is the California bar exam, especially if you are an out-of-state attorney, working full-time during bar prep, and/or have test anxiety.”

Russ (California Western School of Law)

“Steve is a wonderful coach and he helped me a lot to understand the grader’s mindset and how to discipline myself to stay on track. I strongly encourage the CA Bar takers to enroll in Steve’s course and learn how to pass the CA Bar exam.  He thought me how to analyze an essay and the way I should structure my answers to satisfy the grade’s expectation. Steve worked with me to have a better performance on MBE and understand the importance of time management. He has a reliable and practical tactic to tackle Performance Test. Steve basically covered all aspects of the Bar exam and I enjoyed attending in his course.  Steve is a very detailed oriented coach and he is always on time. I believe he is a must for those who want to pass the CA Bar Exam.”

Jennifer K. (Southwestern Law School)

“If you’re looking for a tutor who will help you pass the bar exam, you have found him! He gets straight to the point and will tell you exactly what you need to hear. What I loved most is that his tutoring services are personalized to you and what you are looking to improve.  Steve and I worked on Essays, PTs and MBEs. He helped me understand how to improve my score, and showed me what my weaknesses were, and more importantly- how to overcome those weaknesses. He has a strategic method that will help you write better, improve your analysis and structure, and increase your MBE score!”

Aasim Ghaznavi (Chapman Dale E. Fowler School of Law)

“Steve helped me break down the bar exam to the essential components that were necessary for a passing essay. He analyzed both my MBE’s and essays to determine where my weaknesses were, and we progressed in a manner in which he constantly reminded me of silly mistakes and other stylistic and analytical problems I was having. Steve has developed a method of answering essays that is both professional and concise. I feel that this method helped me tremendously in convincing the graders that I had the capability to practice law in California. Steve is also a great motivator, but he will not “sugar coat” anything, which results in honest feedback and reflective learning. All in all, Steve was a fantastic tutor and coach, and I can honestly say that he had a pivotal part to play in my success on the CA bar exam.”

Michael R. (University of San Diego School of Law)

“I would not have passed the CA bar, if it were not for Steve Zikman. Steve tells you what you need to know and shows you how to do it. He teaches a clear writhing method.  SZ keeps you on track. I do not find other bar prep courses effective. Steve’s techniques transformed me into a lethal weapon/ effective legal writer. This is the easiest way to surely pass. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to put in the discipline and effort, but Steve’s rubric ensures success. Steve schedules your essay to always finish.  Steve narrows in on your weak areas through “drilldowns” and individualized feedback.  When issues arise on the exam, you already know what to do because you apply the “flash outline”. I never felt hurried working with Steve. I felt lightbulbs going off on a regular basis. I promise Steve’s method works. I wish I went with Mr. Zikman sooner. Steve makes sure you answer the call.”

Walter S. (University of North Dakota School of Law)

“I found Steve through a friend. Before I contacted Steve I was using BarBri and my own individual way to study. I figured I can pass by using BarBri only. I also thought the CA Bar exam would not be as hard as law school. I did pretty well in law school that gave me reason to believe that I should not have too much to worry about in terms of passing the CA Bar Exam.  However, I was wrong. I took the bar several times (4 times) and realized the Bar was harder than I thought it was. I lost all hope and was saying to myself that maybe me passing the bar was not meant for me. Things changed when I met Steve.  I used Steve when I took the bar for the 5th and 6th time. When I used Steve and took the bar for the 5th time I didn’t pass. Though I didn’t pass the CA Bar on my 5th try using Steve, my scores on the MBE, Performance Test and Essays did jump up drastically. I knew I wanted to pass the CA Bar this time around (Feb 2020), so for the 6th time I said to myself I NEEDED TO USE Steve again to get me over the hump. Then on the 6th time around using Steve, when I typed in my access code to determine if I passed the bar or not, I FINALLY SAW MY NAME ON THE PASS LIST FOR FEB 2020. It was one of the happiest times in my life. And I knew I would not have received a passing score without the help of Steve.  Passing the CA Bar does not only require the ability to understand the law. It also requires the ability to deliver your understanding of the law in a very organized, clear and concise manner. Passing the CA Bar also requires you to be mentally strong. Steve will help you with that! He provides precise exercises that can help improve on your essay, CPT and MBE. It is a lot of work. Steve is very detailed when he tutors students and does not horse around. If you are sloppy in your essay exercises for instance he will call you out and make sure you do not make the same mistake again. Trust me, I was sloppy and was called out on being sloppy several times. When doing the essay exercises he reviews your essay and performance test very thoroughly. With Steve, do not think you can cheat out of his exercises. On top of his attention to detail method in making sure you receive a higher score on the CA Bar exam, he is also there to motivate you and make you feel mentally ready to take and pass the CA Bar Exam.  I highly recommend taking Steve. If you haven’t passed the CA Bar exam as much as me, and you are starting to give up hope, don’t do it just yet. Give Steve a try and watch Steve work his magic in getting you a pass, and if not a pass a guarantee higher score!”

Tish P. (Southwestern Law School)

“My total scaled score for July 2019 was 1310. To make matters worse, I couldn’t request another leave of absence from my employer. So I decided to hire a private tutor, instead of using BarBri again. I hired Steve for essays and MBE drills. All essays were written open book. The focus wasn’t on memorizing for the majority of my time with Steve. Instead, he targeted my analysis and focused on why I decided to write issues in a certain order, among other things. He taught me an overall strategy for essay writing and also individual strategies for each subject. Steve’s MBE drills weren’t my favorite, but I needed to be held accountable. In the end, I answered approx. 2,500 MBEs. By the time I sat for the exam in Feb. 2020, I mechanically attacked each essay and quickly moved through each MBE. Steve was also willing to speak with me on Day 1 and Day 2 of the Bar exam. I definitely needed that last bit of coaching after Day 1. It helped! Invest in yourself and your future.”

Kendra A. (Vanderbilt University Law School)

“When I was completing law school, my fellow peers had drilled in my head that BarBri was the right choice for a bar prep program — little did I know that taking the California Bar would be a “beast” I should have separately considered. Unfortunately, after studying intensely the first go around, I came to find out I did not pass. I was completely devastated — I had worked so hard and couldn’t believe that all of the effort I put in did not pay off. Enter Steve Zikman — a recommendation through a friend of mine who had found herself in a similar position and had success passing with his approach. I could tell from the very beginning that Steve’s process was going to be different. His approach is not for the faint of heart, but it will make you a better test taker. It is meticulous, direct, and tailored to you. Be prepared to work hard, yet see results. Steve doesn’t guarantee anything, but I felt far more equipped having his tools under my belt. Good luck, work hard, and know that Steve can get you to the other side.”


“Like many parents, I had a child who had made it through an ABA law school but failed on his first attempt at the bar exam. In fact, his scores were nowhere near close to passing.  As an attorney myself, I knew that help was needed.  With nowhere to turn, I searched online reviews, found Steve and called him. He’s not warm and fuzzy, but firm and concise.  He isn’t about coddling and doesn’t meet in person.  Yet, Steve has figured it out.   He looked over my son’s bar exam scores and gave us an unvarnished assessment.  I took a leap of faith and I’m glad I did.  In the process, I witnessed a young man become the person and test-taker he needed to be in order to pass the bar exam.  Steve’s syllabus is not lecture-style; it’s over the phone, one-on-one review and instruction for what it takes to pass.  Working with Steve, you too can witness your son or daughter become the person they need to be in order to succeed.”

Matthew L. (Loyola Law School)

“Steve personally held me accountable during my bar prep making sure that I hit my deadlines and was actually learning how to take the bar exam and not just trying to complete some prep course. Steve’s advanced knowledge of the exam is evident in how he completely transformed the way in which I approached the essays and the PT. I went from attempting to write the essays how I thought they should be written to using Steve’s methods and saw how much better my writing became. Steve not only helped my essay approach but also opened my eyes to how helpful in depth review of past errors on multiple choice questions was. The Drilldowns that Steve assigns had an immediate impact on how I approached the MBE questions and I immediately started to see improvements day to day in my approach and my scores. As a first time test taker who used Steve and passed the CA bar exam, I could not recommend him enough.”

Nick Sepians (Abraham Lincoln School of Law)

“I started working with Steve after failing the CA bar multiple times. I had tried the one size fits all programs like BarBri, Themis, etc. but each and every time would fall short a few points. While my MBE scores were always good, my writing was another story. I consistently had trouble finishing essays and PTs.  My main intention was to improve my essay and PT scores. His way of writing was difficult at first. However, as we went along, I gradually got used to it and was able to utilize it the on the exam, finishing every single question as well as the PT. Moreover, while I consistently did well on the MBE portion of the exam, Steve still recommended some work. I did a few of his MBE drill-downs and saw my score improve as well.  Overall, I recommend Steve’s program to both first timers as well as repeaters. I gladly paid for the program because I wanted this to be the LAST time I take this nightmare exam.”

Derek Herrera (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)

“After failing the bar exam multiple times using Barbi, I knew I needed to try a different approach. I struggled to pass the MBE section of the exam until I used Steve’s method. Steve’s coaching helped me drastically increase my MBE score by 68 points from 1415 to 1483 by using Adaptibar and his method. His method helped recognize the pattern of mistakes I was making and as a result it helped me pass the MBE section of the exam. His method will definitely help you pass the MBE section of the exam, which is worth 50% of the exam.  Steve’s coaching also helped me with the Performance Exam section of the exam by pushing me to be organized by outlining the file and library before writing, something I had never done before. Steve’s method helped me make it clear to the bar examiners that I was answering the task memo given in the file. By effectively organizing the file and the library, I was able to write a passing PT answer. His strategic approached made the difference between failing and passing the bar exam. I would recommend Steve to all bar exam candidates who are looking to slay the dragon!”

A.L. (University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law)

“After taking the Bar exam twice and not passing, I felt completely defeated. I had a position at a law firm I loved, but it was contingent on me passing the Bar. I had tried Barbri and even a tutor, but nothing seemed to work. I was referred to Steve by a friend and I definitely made the right choice! Steve provided me with tools and resources that are unmatched by any other prep company or tutor. The Bar is daunting because there is so much material to master; Steve’s flash outlines and study schedule helped me memorize the law in a way that felt organized and doable. For the first time ever, I went into the exam feeling confident that I knew the rules and knowing the rules, led to strong analysis. Steve’s flash outlines gave very specific tips about language to use when analyzing various factors and these tips helped me learn to write substantive analysis that was detailed, but succinct. The tips provided a “secret weapon” that I believe made me stand out against other test takers. I really struggled with multiple choice and one of my biggest issues was second guessing myself.  Before I began prepping with Steve, I felt like I would never break this habit, but Steve’s drill down exercises were a game changer for me. Steve provided a strict schedule and held me accountable. He left no room for excuses or whining. Although tough at times, he gave me the encouragement I needed to push harder and be the best test taker I could be. Steve not only helped me pass the Bar, he helped me achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer! I would recommend him to anyone! Trust the process, stay passionate, and work hard!”

S.S. (USC Gould School of Law)

“If you want a no-nonsense, straight forward, and bespoke Bar learning experience then Steve Zikman is the perfect tutor for you. He was able to polish up the strengths I had while also helping to identify and neutralize the various weaknesses that had held me back from passing the Bar the first time. Steve was always on top of making sure that I was doing what it took to pass the bar. He does not entertain excuses and pushed me to be the best test taker I could possibly be. If you’re someone who found that the commercial programs like BarBri did not work, then Steve is for you. If you find that the best way you learn is through personalized one on one coaching, then Steve is DEFINITELY for you. Do yourself a favor and choose Steve so you never have to worry about this damn test again.”

Grant Royal (Pepperdine University School of Law)

“After using Barbri for about a week, I knew I had to make a change, or I would be destined to fail the bar exam. I was working 10 hours a day, watching the videos and working my way through those giant outlines, but I never felt like I was doing anything useful. I was referred to Steve by a friend, who also used Steve to pass the bar exam, and she told me he was the best in the business and to trust his process. After I started working with Steve, there was no more confusion. Steve completely handled my schedule and I never had to worry about what to study or how to spend my time practicing, he told me exactly what to do and I just followed orders. I never had to wonder how I was doing on my practice essays or performance tests, because Steve graded each and every one of them with me, in real time, and provided helpful feedback. Steve provided me with a solid plan of attack for the bar exam, I watched my scores improve throughout the summer, and I passed the bar exam. I would recommend Steve to anyone. Trust in the process, put in the work, and you will pass.”

Maritsa Flaherty (Ohio State University Moritz College of Law)

“If you are planning on taking the California Bar, the best advice is to hire Steve Zikman as your strategic bar coach. Steve’s method was essential to my passing the bar exam. As a full-time attorney and mother of two active boys, my time to study for the bar was limited. However, Steve’s method is perfect to study smart, study hard, and study efficiently.  By setting up goals and deadlines, Steve holds you accountable in a way other bar review programs don’t. Steve’s method focuses in on exactly what the bar examiners are looking for. You will become better at studying, and a better legal writer by using Steve’s method. In order to tackle one of the most challenging bar exams in the country, you need the right tools. Steve’s strategic method gives you the tools you need to pass. Steve is excellent at pushing you, holding you accountable, and driving you to the finish line with passing the bar as the reward.”

Eric A. (Loyola Law School)

“So I’m a great case of how a tutor like Steve can help someone achieve objectively amazing results. I failed spectacularly my first time studying with Barbri at a score over 300 points below passing. I studied with Steve for the 10 months leading up to the bar and passed on my 2nd try with him. Studying with Steve is like no other law professor I had. He’s serious and demands the best from you. Every week we go over an essay of one of the various subjects of the bar and do 30-50 multiple choice questions. Not only did he teach me how to analyze bar essays and write well on them, but he told me how the bar examiners thought based on his accumulated experience. We’d go line by line over my essays and give me feedback on almost everything I wrote. As for the multiple choice, I worked on those primarily by myself and I used other MBE books that I had in my possession (Barbri books), and every week or two Steve would make me go over the missed questions. Steve turned me into an essay and performance test machine that made me feel supremely confident on the day of the test.  I highly recommend him if you have lost all sense of hope for the test BUT only if you can stay with his strict program and commit to it a full 100%.”

Susan S. (Lewis and Clark Law School)

“In 2019, I faced the challenging task of taking the California bar exam while managing a substantial case load. (I am a practicing attorney with more than 20 years of experience. My first bar exam was in 1997 and second in 2006.) Steve Zikman was referred to me by a practicing attorney who faced a similar scenario. I am very glad that I decided to work with Steve on all three elements of the exam (essays, PT, and MBE). Steve guided me to work to my strengths and tackle my weaknesses. On his advice, I took the full two-day exam, even though I was eligible for the one-day Attorney Exam. This approach helped me maximize points and obtain a passing score. The Strategic Bar Coach study materials are on point for bar exam purposes, far more efficient than hours-long multi-session lectures and dense multi-volume outlines provided by other bar exam prep companies. (I had access to lectures and materials from another bar exam prep course. Had I relied on that material exclusively, I doubt I would have passed the exam.) The Strategic Bar Coach program includes a strict schedule, specific assignments with non-negotiable deadlines, and regular coaching calls that include line-by-line analysis of essays. The end result is that you learn the subjects and develop a technique for all three elements of the exam. More importantly, the program forces you to identify and work through your mistakes and weaknesses before exam day. The MBE segment – an optional add-on – includes access to thousands of real MBE questions and analytics that clearly identify weaknesses. The program is not easy and the coaching is not always “nice”, but it is effective. I walked in to the exam room with a game plan and a firm commitment to do exactly what Steve told me to do, and it worked. I can confidently say working with the Strategic Bar Coach was essential to my success on the exam.”

Anthony L. (University of Wisconsin)

“After failing California Exam several times, even after taking Barbri, I knew that I needed help on my essays. I knew the law, and I was good with the MBE, but my essays kept me from passing. After an extensive search, I decided to hire Steve to help me with the essays. I am so glad that I did. Steve set up a schedule and kept me on track. He provided me with outlines for all the essay topics. After I wrote an essay, he would go over the essay line-by-line and I would have an opportunity to revise the essay, sometimes more than once. After I finished all the essay topics, he had me rewrite the essays from my last bar exam (July 2018). I could not believe how much I improved from my last bar exam. I also decided to work on the MBE with Steve. I worked on thousands of MBE questions online, and on the questions that I missed I received detailed explanations on why the answers were wrong and what were the right answers. I was very confident walking into the test center on the day of the exam. My confidence turned out to be totally justified. I passed. Thank you, Steve! You are the best. I strongly recommend Steve to anyone who wants to pass the California Bar Exam.”

Elena Giannattasio (Fordham Law School, LLM Program and Luiss University, Italy)

“I had failed the CA Bar Exam before, I was working and out of law school for quite some time. Last time I had taken the CA Bar was 5 years ago. I was admitted in NY in 2013 so I could have taken the attorney portion of the Bar only but when I contacted Steve his advise was crucial in my passing. He told me it would be foolish not to take the MBE portion as well as that was my biggest strength. I still remember his words “ the day of the MBE you will walk into the examination room with a friend”.  Steve not only helped me work on my strength so that I could achieve even a higher result on the MBE portion but he was crucial in addressing my weaknesses, such as the written portion of the exam. His outlines and his approach to both PT and Essays are superb! Steve always gave me the best advises he kept me focused and in times of weakness he kept reminding me to trust the process and not to give up. I have to thank Steve if when I open the my Bar Exam screen last night I was able to finally see  “PASS”!!”

J. Q.

“When I contacted Steve I already encountered failure: four unsuccessful attempts despite graduating from a top 20 law school. I was confused, discouraged, and desperate. Steve’s coaching gave me with the tools that led to my success: I am an attorney in California today. Steve Zikman’s approach worked for me. Many others didn’t. Discipline: Steve’s method of outlining each subject tested, drafting practice essays, and then reviewing each practice essay line by line – until I got it right – provided me a disciplined path towards the essay portion. Similarly, his MBE program taught me to quickly identify the subject and issue being tested, to apply the applicable law, and to choose the appropriate answer – with confidence.  Clarity: Working with Steve dramatically improved my essay writing skill. Steve taught me to comprehensively address the issues, and sub-issues, presented on any given essay subject tested. His method emphasizes clarity of analysis in a way that makes essays and practice tests easier to write.  Tenacity: Steve only ever asked for my best effort, day in and day out. His program emphasized the academics, yes, but also squarely addressed the extracurricular challenges of approaching the California Bar: the time commitment, life stresses, and test anxiety. Steve taught me to fight for every available point during every minute I was taking the examination. I will tell anyone who will listen: The first time I prepared with Steve Zikman was the last time I took the California Bar Examination.”

Anne Easton (New York Law School)

“I’m a five-time California Bar Exam taker, one time passer. Steve helped me on attempt numbers 3 and 5. I worked with Steve on the July 2017 exam and failed by only about 15 points, which was more than 40 points higher than my previous exam. I credit that to Steve’s pedagogy. Failing on try number 3 is wholly credited to personal issues with confidence and anxiety, rather than Steve’s methods. In terms of those methods, he’s tough and no nonsense  because he expects you to pass. His outlines are impeccable and he frames legal concepts in such a way that makes it easy to understand and remember. He color codes California specific laws and puts them right next to the federal law, too, which was particularly helpful for me. He doesn’t like excuses, and if you need someone to keep you on your toes, in line, and prepared to pass, Steve is your guy.  I passed in February 2019 with a 30% pass rate. I changed many things in my life, I took 2 months off of work per his recommendation if I could fiscally do so, re-engaged Steve for his services and treated this exam like a job, 8-hours a day, 6 days a week. The second time working with Steve is slightly different because you already know his method – he really focuses on your weaknesses.  For me, it was mostly the essays and timing. So I did a lot of essay drills and then revising those essays. The best way I can sum up Steve is that he almost acts as your bar exam therapist (or a pro football team coach preparing players for the Super Bowl) throughout the process. Overall, I knew that the personal changes I made in my life, coupled with Steve’s guidance,  would help me eventually put this exam behind me, and I was right.”

Melannie G. (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)

“I finally passed the CA Bar (February 2019), and I truly believe that I couldn’t have done it without Steve as my tutor/coach. I failed the bar several times since first taking it in February 2016. I went the commercial route at first, trying BarBri and then Themis. I tried “self-studying,” combining everything I had, including my husband’s and his friends’ bar outlines that were all forwarded to me. Still, no matter how much study material I had, I experienced failure after failure, after failure. I soon realized that I really needed someone to coach me through this awful bar exam process and specifically tell me what was wrong with my essays, especially when I had passing scores on practice essays through BarBri and Themis. I found Steve after researching numerous CA Bar tutors online, but ultimately chose him because I wanted a non-BS tutor, and because I was so, so tired of failing.  Steve takes the time to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and helps you improve your essays and PTs in a way that appeals to the graders, earn points, and get a passing grade. Steve reviews essays with you line-by-line, giving you constructive notes, and allowing you to understand the essay from a different perspective and improve your analysis. His materials are straightforward and every assignment has a purpose. Needless to say, Steve’s specific approach for writing essays gave me the confidence I never had to tackle any convoluted bar exam essay given to me. As for the MBEs, Steve’s program keeps you on track with doing MBE’s regularly and his assignments really help you understand your answer choices. By the time I took the bar, I completed just over 2,000 questions and averaged 80%.  Steve didn’t just help me prepare to take the bar exam, but he also prepared me mentally. After failing so many times, I was in a cycle of depression from not being able to pass this nightmare of an exam. Fortunately, Steve kept me focused and motivated the entire time, and was available to his students even during testing days. I can honestly say that Steve genuinely cares about his students and wants them to pass (for him/herself).  Having Steve as my bar tutor/coach was literally a life-changer and I’m extremely grateful to have worked with him. I would recommend him to anyone, especially repeaters, in a heartbeat. Thanks to Steve, I can finally move on with my life!!!”

Irene Schwieger (Vermont Law School)

“After two unsuccessful attempts at the CA bar using Barbri, and despite receiving a close to passing score, I felt defeated and unsure about whether I’d ever be able to pass the bar. I decided to give it one last shot with professional help, and hired Steve Zikman. I am so thankful that I did. Steve’s approach is personalized, focused, and intense. You really have to put in the work—he will not sugarcoat his feedback if you aren’t trying hard enough or putting in the requisite amount of time. Steve is always to the point and sometimes stern, but it turned out to be exactly what I needed to finally get me to a passing score. Steve has a very specific writing method that will help any student get a passing score on the essays, as well as a gradual and manageable way of improving on the MBEs. Yes, Steve’s services are costly. But if you need someone to whip you into bar exam shape, Steve is your man.”

Jacqueline P (California Western School of Law)

“I worked with Steve Zikman for the February 2019 bar exam and I am so happy that I made the investment. Every session, Steve will show up for you 100% and bring a strict, serious, and committed energy to the preparation process. I failed the exam several times and decided to try again four years later, so having a strategy and plan of attack was imperative. Steve helped provide that foundation and study structure. He is knowledgeable, blunt, direct, and will juice every bit of energy and ability out of you. He is tough, but with purpose. He knows this exam and understands what test takers need to put on paper to pass. It was exactly what I needed – you’ll be surprised what you can produce when someone is pushing you like that! Through his coaching, high standards, and my willingness to do the work, my essays improved markedly and I ultimately earned a passing score.”

Danielle Smith (Chapman Law School)

“Steve was a HUGE role in my success on passing the bar exam. I am thankful for his constant support throughout this process. He really knows what he is doing and keeps you on track throughout the months and days leading up to the bar exam. I would recommend him to anyone whether it’s your first time taking the bar or whether it’s your 4th time. Use steve. He will guide you in the right direction!”

Mojgan KH (University of Guilan, Iran) (University of San Diego School of Law)

“After failing the CA bar exam many times and as a foreign law graduate, I realized that I needed a tutor and coach who would guide me in how to pass the hardest bar exam in the U.S. Steve was the one who coached me in this journey and I cannot thank him enough because I eventually passed the February 2019 CA bar exam. His method and bar prep is a unique and smart method that you cannot find in any other program. One of the best resources that he provides for the students is his Flash Outlines and specially the PR outline that I liked the most. He specifically improved and changed the way of my legal analysis in a way that at the last days of my prep I was so confident that I could answer any type of question in the bar exam. I also had difficulty in passing the MBE portion of the exam. Steve’s MBE drilldowns were the best tool of practicing MBE and eventually the reason why I passed CA bar exam. I highly recommend Steve’s program to everyone and specially to foreign law graduates.”

Saif K. (Whittier Law School)

“The first time I took the Bar exam, I used a commercial prep. course to prepare and saw almost no improvement on my scores. Next, I tried a popular online tutoring service, which I instantly regretted, as I found myself frequently asking my tutor to be more specific about how to improve. Then I found The Strategic Bar Coach and he completely changed the way I approached the CA Bar Exam. Steve Zikman delivers the kind of stern, upfront, and honest feedback necessary to pass the exam. He provided weekly updates on my MBE scores and had great outlines to help with studying. The Strategic Bar Coach, went line by line on my Essays and PT, telling me what was specifically wrong with my responses, why they needed to be changed, and he give me examples of how they should be written. This kind of honest, open, and firm communication coupled with his unique method to tackle the written Essays, PT, and MBE’s are without a doubt one of the strongest factors that helped me pass the 2019 February CA Bar Examination. Thanks for everything Steve!!!”

R.W. (UC Irvine)

“I had failed the bar exam and was completely overwhelmed. I did not know what to do, or whether repeating my bar prep course would result in a different outcome. I called two friends who were repeaters from the year ahead of me and they both said the same thing: Call Steve Zikman. Steve helped me identify what bad habits where inhibiting my success. We worked through numerous essay questions to correct my structure, my misuse of the facts, and my approach on timing. I worked through hundreds of MBE questions to finally see patterns of why I was getting questions wrong. Steve’s approach works because it is not a copy and paste job; it focuses you and what is holding youback from passing the bar. When I saw my name on the pass list I knew that calling Steve was the best decision I made. I highly encourage you to do the same.”

Meeghan T. (USC)

“I was referred to Steve by my friend who had also passed with his services, and that was the best thing anyone did for me after I failed my first California bar exam. Throughout law school, I was persuaded that Barbri was the best bar prep company, which is why I used the company’s services. However, once I started studying with Steve, I realized how unorganized, vague, and impersonal the program was. Steve personalized my program to fit me, taking into consideration my strengths and weaknesses. The program really challenged me the way Barbri just did not: I did almost one essay per week and Steve guided me through each and every essay (and PT) so that they were organized and significantly easier to read for the graders. He also put me through 25-50 MC questions per day. I honestly don’t think I could’ve passed without him, and his services were worth every penny.”

Jenna Y. (USC)

“I took the bar exam in July 2018 and ended up with the dreaded “this name does not appear on the pass list.” I already had a job and if I didn’t pass the next time I would not have been able to keep it. I couldn’t fail this next time, so I began searching for a tutor with a great track record, someone that could keep me on the right schedule, as I was studying and working at the same time. I came across Steve zikman and saw countless people who had repeatedly failed and finally after working with Steve were able to pass.. sounded like just the person I wanted. The first time I took the bar exam I made the mistake of relying solely on a one size fits all approach with a big name brand. But that was not my learning style, I learn best from individual attention and hands on practice, something I didn’t get with Barbri. I did not use Barbri in February only Steve, Adaptibar, and BarEssays and I passed. Steve went over each essay, some multiple times, to refine the places where I was losing easy points. My problem wasn’t in knowing the law but in being able to write in a way that made the graders job easy to give me points. I also worked with Steve to improve my PTs, a place where I was really weak. I didn’t realize how easy it was to not follow the directions. He gave me a game plan and fool proof structure when approaching them and we did multiple practice PTs till it was a formula. So happy I came across Steve in my tutor search and ended up working with him.”

Steven C. (Western State College of Law)

“I had been unsuccessful on the bar on two prior occasions, both of which, I received ‘second reads.’  Though I thought I knew the law well enough to pass the exam, Steve taught me how to better write my exam so that the bar grader could better find my issues and analysis.  He provided with strategies such as using my best analysis at the beginning of the essay and writing about “minor issues” towards the end.  Additionally, Steve taught how to write an exam, so that even if I did not know that law sufficiently to pass, I could make the essay ‘look pretty,’ so that the bar graders may not find misstatements or incomplete rule statements.  Steve also taught my to elementise each rule of law and then lead with each element.  Steve provides MBE drill downs, where I was to look at all of my wrong answers and then determine why I got them wrong.  Steve then trended my repeat mistakes so that I could better review those areas of law that I was repeatedly missing.  By doing this, I was also able to recognize patterns in MBE questions so that I could better recognize the correct answer.  This was extremely helpful.  Although the price may appear expensive, I went from a two time bar failer to a one time bar passer.”

L.B. (UC Irvine Law School)

“When I hired Steve, I had failed the bar exam by about ten points. I was frustrated and needed guidance on what I had done right in preparing and taking the exam, and what else I could do to ensure I got through the finish line the next time. Steve’s program gave me a process and a plan for test day that helped me fight test anxiety and prepared me for whatever questions the exam had to offer. Steve’s feedback on and advice for essays and MBE’s is practical and it works. He is tough and his no-nonsense approach is exactly what I needed during such a long and grueling process where it is easy to get discouraged. I highly recommend Steve and his program.”

Robert W. (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)

“I failed the CA Bar Exam several times prior to working with Steve. I needed a lot of help with timing and simplifying my writing style. I had tried most of the commercial bar prep courses and apps which were essentially all the same. I was stuck in a depressing cycle of study for several months, wait for results, grieve, seclude myself from society, repeat. I stumbled across a review of Steve’s tutoring services on Yelp and was immediately skeptical due to the vast number of excellent, upbeat reviews. Was this the Holy Grail of CA Bar prep I had just stumbled upon or an ingenious scam preying on the hopeless? How could so many students be so complimentary of a CA Bar Exam tutor? Within the first few sessions of working with Steve I learned why. Steve’s methods are not taught by any commercial prep program but they make more sense and more importantly they actually work. His outlines are actually useful and not some 2,000 page telephone book that is as useful as, well.. a telephone book. Steve gave me a whole new perspective about the CA Bar Exam which helped my writing and reduced my anxiety. Every task and instruction Steve gives you during your work together is packed full of meaning and mini-lessons. If you know very little about the law, you can probably still pass the essay portion of the exam by utilizing Steve’s techniques. As such, Steve will challenge your critical analysis and give you invaluable insight into how to approach answering essays, mbe questions, and the performance test. In conclusion, if you have committed to taking the bar exam one last time I suggest calling Steve and he will do everything he can to help you achieve your goal.”

Umber H. (City Law School: City University London)

“I wrote the California Bar exam in July 2018 and Steve was a tremendous help throughout the entire Bar process. I’m an attorney from Canada and was starting from scratch in terms of everything I knew about the CA bar. Steve is tough but fair and his process is challenging but so is the Bar. Steve’s tutoring prepared me both mentally and physically for this exam. (1) Essays: Although I have always prided myself on being a good essay writer, I realized only after working with Steve that I didn’t know how to write an essay that the bar graders can easily read through and extract relevant issues from. His step by step essay process makes you understand not what to write, but how to write to get you the most points. (2) MBE’s: His 3 question process for the MBE was ingrained in my brain by the time I was writing the actual exam. It helps you understand how to quickly eliminate the wrong answers and use your best guess or judgment to choose the right one. His practice questions and rigorous drilldowns I am certain are what helped me pass the MBE portion. (3) PT’s: Steve’s process for the PT’s helped me to realize how important paying attention to instructions is, and that misreading one sentence can mean the difference between passing and failing. Organization, structure and attention to detail are especially important skills he taught me through his practice PT’s. (4) Price: Although I did find that the fees were more expensive than I had expected, what I appreciated is that Steve offers different bundles based on your budget and the amount of tutoring you think you need. Personally speaking, it was absolutely worth it.”

Charlie F. (University of North Carolina School of Law)

“I failed on my first attempt of the CA Bar Exam with one of the big bar review programs and decided to look for tutors – I found Steve and I couldn’t be happier. He tailored the program for my strengths and weaknesses and gave me support when I needed it, but he didn’t sugarcoat my performance – he kept me on track and gave me the structure I needed to study and pass the exam. Above all, he kept me accountable, which I sorely needed. After just one of his MBE exercises, I started looking at the test in a completely new light. The essays I wrote on my first attempt were jumbled messes compared to the essays I wrote under Steve’s instruction. His outlines are fantastic and easily accessible and the exercises he uses for MBE review are stellar. Studying with Steve will change the way you look at the bar exam and will give you what you need to pass. It did for me!”

Mike L. (Suffolk Law School, Boston, MA)

“After three failed attempts at taking the CA bar exam, I sought the help of a tutor, and ultimately decided on Steve Zikman. He elevated my approach, particularly in the written portion of the exam, and provided me with an excellent method and structure for tackling any essay question. He also provided me with outlines that were particularly helpful with preparing for the written portion of the exam. His program also allowed me to do a higher volume of MBE questions than I had ever done before, and, perhaps most importantly, he provided excellent analysis and feedback to my MBE practice results, so that I knew which substantive areas required additional focus and improvement. I was over 150 points short of passing on the exam prior to working with Steve. After my first time working with Steve, I improved 90 points (Feb ’18), leaving me just 65 points short of passing. I worked with Steve again for a second time, preparing for the July ’18 exam, and he provided an approach and game plan that was tailored to my previous results and getting me over that final hump.  I’m happy to say that, with Steve’s help, I passed the July ’18 exam. Working with Steve was the big difference between my previous unsuccessful attempts, and my final two attempts, which culminated with me finally passing the exam.”

R. P. (Michigan State University College of Law)

“Steve’s guidance and support was absolutely crucial to my success in passing the 2018 California Bar exam—one of the 12% that passed as an out-of-state repeat taker!  I spent weeks searching for the most qualified person to work with—this turned out to be Steve.  His program is tremendous, including outlines, practice questions, detailed conversations and constructive criticism.  Where else do you get a line-by-line review of your tests, and an HONEST assessment of where you are and what you need to do?  I felt confident going into the exam knowing that I had repeatedly practiced essay questions, PTs, and MBEs under realistic time pressure, and had been coached on my personal areas for success.  I cannot anyone recommend more, thank you Steve!!!!”

Clifford H Young (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)

“I cannot express how tremendously thankful I am for Steve’s help in passing the 2018 bar exam where only 16% of repeat takers passed.  I was unsuccessful several times in the past while using one of the major bar prep programs and I needed something different.  If you’re struggling in writing or MBEs, Steve’s strategy will help you in either area.  Prior to using Steve, my previous essay scores were in the 55’s and 60’s but Steve’s approach obviously helped me see the mistakes I was making in my structure and analysis.  In addition, I saw my MBE score increase 30 points using his strategy. His packages aren’t cheap but they are worth every dime.  I strongly recommend Steve for anyone who is willing to bust their ass and take tough criticism in order to conquer the bar exam.”

Corey H. (Loyola Law School)

“I passed the California Bar thanks to Steve where only 16% of repeat takers passed. Steve’s method is targeted, specific, and extremely helpful. For essays, Steve initially identifies your writing style, strengths and weaknesses and even your personality and how it comes across in your writing. He is able to expand on your writing abilities by targeting the specific level of detail the examiners are looking for. He explains where to impress them and where to get to the point to ensure you have a thorough essay in the time provided. For MBE’s, Steve’s Drilldowns help you focus on what you got wrong, why you got it wrong, how many of that category you got wrong and it allows you to truly see the patterns and fix the problem in bulk which will increase your score. I took the bar 3 times and passed on the third. I took Barbri classes for my first time and a private tutor for the second, but nothing compared to the specific targeting, repetition and dedication you will find in Steve’s course. I highly recommend Steve Zikman to anyone taking the bar for the first time or on repeat. Thank you Steve!”

Kasee K. (Golden Gate University, School of Law)

“Steve helped me immediately identify/confirm where my strengths were and where my weaknesses lied. His program is tough, but in a way I needed to ensure I remained on the right path. We continually worked on where I needed the most help without neglecting my strengths. We’d also tweak and hone in on new areas that came up during my practice. Going into the exam, I was calm and new I could rely on my training to take me whatever was thrown my way.”

C.R. (UC Irvine School of Law)

“I passed the California bar exam with Steve’s guidance. He showed me several recurring patterns in my writing that were hurting my essay scores and he provided strategies to help eliminate those patterns. Drilling the structured, formula-like approach to each bar exam topic and reviewing my rewritten essays  and PTs for improvements or mistakes with Steve was absolutely invaluable to my preparation.”

Joe P. (Santa Clara Law)

“Stop searching for bar-prep tutors!! Steve is the best possibility. I wasted my time, money, and energy on ineffective test-prep companies for 2 years of my life… Then I found Steve!!  Seriously… I felt like it was impossible to pass until Steve showed me how passing works. His method is designed to impress the graders persistently. Steve knows how to pass this exam. His system for writing Bar answers is very different from the other tutors; I failed using another private tutor in LA and Barbri, both of which gave me too much material to possibly study and without enough direct guidance writing the actual essays. The words “strategic” and “coach” should be EMPHASIZED because Steve demands hard work and focus throughout the program. Steve’s approach to winning the bar graders’ approval is designed to pass if you’re willing to open your mind and heart to new habits and strategies. My personal challenge was organizing my writing clearly. I wrote rule statements in prose, I applied the entire rule to the entire facts without breaking out the law into several sub-rules, and my analysis read like a bulky discussion of all the elements in one broad conclusion. Steve taught me how to write bar essays mechanically. I went from spinning in circles trying to answer everything at once, to methodically working through each issue, sub-rule, element, and factor like a checklist with control. I went from never finishing an essay to hitting every issue and going deep into bonus point territory with time to spare, thanks to Steve’s approach. I cannot express enough the difference I felt studying for the Bar with Steve. It is truly a special program that gives you the strongest tools possible to pass by utilizing his masterful formula. I scored a 1240, 1280, 1350, then passed with Steve. The biggest difference was the massive confidence I felt taking the exam once I had the tools Steve provides in his program. Most of all, I was excited to work hard to pass with Steve because he is such a great coach. He
knows how to inspire greatness in law students through the tutoring process. I was invigorated to try my absolute best and work my hardest in Steve’s program like never before. Steve’s program is challenging, but it is fair and fruitful – just like the bar exam! If passing feels impossible: I truly believe the best solution is a) Steve’s class and b) commitment. Good luck!”

Brandon Boozari (Southwestern Law School)

“Steve did an amazing job of helping me get my essay writing skills locked in. I had a major problem of writing a lot about a little as opposed to writing a little about a lot. Because of this, I would miss numerous of issues and burn all of my time on only one or two major issues. Steve’s program really helped me practice my timing to address this issue. In addition to the essays, Steve’s MBE drilldowns using Adaptibar was a game changer for my MBE score. Not only do you do 1,000+ questions, but Steve requires you to go back through all of your wrong answers and mark up why it is that you got that answer wrong and what you can do in the future to ensure that does not happen again. Overall, I highly recommend Steve’s program if you want
someone who is truly going to give you all of the tools you need to succeed on this massively difficult test.”

Alex Murer (University of San Diego School of Law)

“The first time I took the bar exam I felt that I did every thing I could to prepare.  I completed each assignment Barbri gave me, and walked into the exam feeling ready for whatever it could throw at me.  When I checked my results and read the dreaded “this name does not appear on the pass list” I didn’t know what to do.  I scheduled a call with Steve and felt he had what I needed to get my name on the pass list.  There was a lot of work to be done, but with his unique approach I made the necessary changes.  As we worked together I saw my writing improve every week.  Steve’s method stripped away the unnecessary fluff in other bar programs, and really focused on what I needed to know.  He kept me accountable, helped me develop a well-planned strategy for taking the test, and was the extra motivation I needed to put in the hard work.  Looking back, Barbri gave many unnecessary assignments that didn’t move me closer to passing the bar.  It felt great to check the box and move on to my next day’s work, but I wasn’t focusing on the areas I really needed to.  Barbri was a shotgun approach.  They throw every thing at you and hope some of it will help.  Steve’s method is like a sniper.  Focused and effective.  For me, that made all the difference.”

Chelsea S. (UC Irvine Law School)

“While many reputable bar study programs rely on volume of material and provide studies with little insight, support, or constructive criticism, Steve gets results with purposeful assignments and extensive, thoughtful feedback. Steve’s approach allows his students to fine tune their skills, understand the questions posed to them, and improve their self-awareness and confidence with respect to the exam. He is committed to his students and supports them every step of the way. I wish that I had found Steve and invested in his services from the start–he was the winning edge that I needed to pass the bar!”

Jenny S. (La Verne College of Law)

“I finally passed after failing the bar multiple times! The decision to hire Steve as my coach made all the difference.  I needed guidance on my essay and PT writing because while my MBE scores were steadily rising, my essay and PT scores were not getting any better.  During our session, Steve painstakingly reviewed each of my essays line by line.  I was able to fix bad habits and also learned strategies to save time.  Steve is a no-nonsense coach who is focused on seeing you pass.  If you need someone to hold your hand and listen to your feelings, he is not the guy.  If you want to work hard and get results, this is the coach for you.  If you failed the last bar, don’t wallow in your sadness, get yourself someone who can pull you over the finish line once and for all.  For me, that person was Steve and I will always be grateful to him.  Wishing you all the best!”

Daniel B. (UCLA School of Law)

“The Strategic Bar Coach transformed my approach to the bar exam, which I believe was the only way I could have passed on my second attempt.   The first time, I did Barbri, completed 100% of the assigned work, and studied for 12 hours/day for six weeks.  While I knew all the law I needed to know to pass, I knew comparatively little about bar exam test-taking strategy, which proved equally, if not more important.  Steve was an excellent “coach,” in every sense of the word.  He has a no-bullshit, kick-in-the-ass approach that absolutely gets results.  Specifically, I struggled with writing quickly and finishing the written portion of the exam within the time allotted.  Steve reviews and analyzes your writing line-by-line to ensure that you are not wasting time including anything that will not directly increase your point score.  I came to realize that this exam is really not about how smart you are, it is much more about how you execute.  Steve teaches you to execute like a bar grader filling out a sample answer key.  I am very glad I trusted in Steve and his methods.  He helped me close the book on this exam and move on with my life.  I will always be grateful for that.”

James E. (Whittier Law School)

“It took me 6 times to take the bar exam. The bar exam was an absolute nightmare, and seemed to be never-ending. I took Barbri, Kaplan, and even my own mixture of both. Nothing seemed to work. I was referred to Steve by another attorney and coincidentally other people I knew had used Steve as well. Going with Steve was the best investment I ever made. He cares very much about his students, but is a no bullsh** kind of guy. Steve will tell you how it is, which is surprisingly something no other bar company ever did. Steve is very regimented and has a “strategic” system that works!!! He gives you all the material you need, lays out your schedule, and goes over all the material “line by line” (literally). I am extremely thankful and forever indebted for all of Steve’s help. Steve is the way to go.”

Ricardo L. (University of California, Irvine School of Law)

“Steve Zikman is the number one reason I passed the February 2017 California bar. In particular, he helped me raise my MBE score to a passing score within a couple of weeks (something I thought was impossible at the time). His structure and overall methodology was key to helping me understand why I was getting questions wrong, and it helped me rewire the way my brain was thinking. Moreover, Steve’s essay structure was a major reason I was able to stay organize and answer the question directly. Additionally, Steve provided great individual feedback and I always felt he was heavily invested in my success. I highly recommend Steve to anyone who believes they need help and feel hopeless, because Steve will re-instill that hope and ensure that you pass.”

M.N. (Loyola Law School)

“After failing the CA Bar exam three times, I knew that I needed to drastically change my approach. I chose to work with Steve after reading his great reviews online and talking to him about his program. I really liked how Steve met with me via telephone, which allowed me to spend that valuable time studying rather than driving across town to meet up with him. Steve simplified the process by providing me with an organized and formulaic approach to both the PTs and the Essays. He ensured that I started practicing immediately, which was something I failed to do prior to working with him. By the time the Bar exam rolled around, I knew exactly how to structure my essay and what the graders were looking for, regardless of the subject. Steve provided me with essay tips and attack plans for exam day, which were very helpful. Additionally, Steve also helped me improve my MBEs through his drilldown process, which was intensive but invaluable. Lastly, Steve checked in with me throughout the exam in case I had any questions or needed any advice. Hiring Steve was the best decision I have ever made. Give him a call, you will not regret it.”

S.M. (University of San Diego School of Law)

“Steve’s techniques armed me with the confidence I needed to pass the California bar exam! I struggled the most with multiple choice, although there was obviously room for improvement in my writing as well. Specifically, Steve uses an online multiple choice program that commercial bar preparation programs do not, with actual licensed questions from previous bar exams. Steve tracked my progress online and forced me to do double the number of multiple choice questions than my commercial program asked of me. He tracked my specifics, including at what point during multiple choice questions I was most frequently answering the question correctly (i.e. at the 1 minute mark) and at what point my accuracy level decreased. As for writing, his road-map approach to essays and PTs, focused on what the bar exam grader actually wanted to see to help you pass the exam. It focused my writing so that I was truly answering the call of the question, something that commercial bar preparation programs do not teach you, let alone focus on. He went line-by-line through my essays and PTs to show me what was working and what wasn’t. Further, his outlines provide specific tips of key words and/or concepts to hit on to impress the bar exam graders. Steve focused on my weaknesses but also highlighted my strong suits to re-build my confidence. Overall, if you are dedicated to the program, Steve is inherently dedicated to you and your success!”

Haik C. (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)

“I am incredibly grateful to Steve for helping me pass the bar exam. I tried different methods for preparing for the bar, including a bar prep course and studying on my own without taking any courses. But it was the collaboration with Steve that enabled me to acquire the ultimate prize. Steve was able to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses early on and tailor the program accordingly. I would sometimes panic when he would grade my essay with a low score. But he would always remind me that there’s still plenty of time and the memorization portion comes in the end, so many of the mistakes I made when writing that particular essay I won’t make on the exam. Surely, he was right. Some of the essays with similar topics in which I scored below 65 during practice showed up on the actual bar exam. Had it not been for his advice, I would probably panic. But instead, I walked out on the last day of the exam knowing that I had passed. Lastly, make no mistake it’s a two-way street. As the test-taker, you must be fully committed to giving it all you’ve got; otherwise, you’ll be wasting both your time and Steve’s time. Just because he is a phenomenal tutor does not mean you will automatically pass. At times you might feel exhausted or question his methods, but you must stick to the game plan and do as he instructs. All in all, it’s the best investment you can make both for preparing for the bar and being confident on the day you walk into the exam.”

AC (Harvard Law School)

“Hiring Steve was a game changer. I had taken the bar three times prior. Twice with a structured test prep course and once on my own. Things just didn’t click for me no matter how hard I tried. I took amazing notes and studied 10-14 hours each day. Still I failed. But Steve provided the tools to make things click. He really broke down how to write essays and gave me assignments for the MBE that were manageable.  The notion of quality over quantity definitely rang true when studying with Steve. I actually ended up doing less work than I did on my prior attempts, spending more time studying my mistakes than anything else. One of the things I valued the most was the in depth essay review process. We would spend a week on one essay, revising the same essay a couple times before he said I was good to go. And the feedback was delivered right away and consisted of concrete information I could actually use to make my essays better. This was stark difference compared to the typical and useless “more analysis” comment, “incorrect law” comment, or a grade you receive two weeks later with no feedback.  He also provides extensive notes. His notes were very helpful in the essay practice of the studying process. And I used my own adjusted notes for memorizing since I memorize in a particular way. In addition to Steve, I had to approach the bar with a different mindset; one that took away the stress, pressure, and anxiety that governed the last exams. Combined, everything finally began to click, and as strange as it sounds, even for me, I found the last bar extremely easy and fun to do. For the first time I walked out knowing I passed. I highly recommend hiring Steve to get you through this unfortunate rite of passage.”

Donna K. (California Western School of Law)

“After receiving my results from the July 2016 bar exam it was clear that I needed to improve my essays and PTs. Steve was able to hone in on my weaknesses within a short amount of time. Steve provided me with a game plan and structure for the essays that assisted my analysis and improved my writing to be more concise. Steve’s method and organization for the PT was incredibly helpful in addressing the call of the question and keeping me focused throughout the long PT. Steve’s critiques and comments were direct and to the point; there was no beating around the bush or wasting of valuable time. His constructive criticism immensely improved my essay and PT writing. After passing the February 2017, CA bar, I would highly recommend Steve Zikman as a bar tutor.”

E.F. (Southwestern Law School)

“Being unsuccessful after two attempts, I knew I needed to change my approach and preparation to this exam. I was weak in all three areas of the exam, but not by much. I just needed that ‘extra push.’ I found Steve after searching online for personal tutors and I subsequently reached out to a few of his former students. Steve’s method completely changed my writing style and made me understand how to present the information accurately and concisely to the examiners. Further, I began to understand why I was answering MBE questions incorrectly and how to avoid making the same mistake in the future. Steve’s approach to conquering the exam is precise, thorough and effective. It simply works. Beyond that, Steve instilled the confidence in me to overcome the mental hurdle that the exam poses. I highly recommend Steve to any student, regardless of their weaknesses. I am finally on the pass list, and you will be too.”

Justin A. Hall (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)

“After taking the California Bar exam 4 times and hiring Steve twice, I am proud to say that I passed! Despite my failure on the third attempt, I do not hold him responsible because my computer crashed. Even still, I was points away from passing – the closest I had ever been! Learning his strategy to tackle an essay, PT, or MBE question is the only reason why I was so successful. The outlines are straightforward, easy to understand and provide many tips for analysis; The practice essays and PTs are comprehensive, covering many issues of a given subject; And, the drill-down exercises hone in on practicing new writing techniques while also providing an opportunity to understand areas of weakness. What I liked most about Steve is that he holds you accountable to learn the law and get the work done. Knowing that I had a scheduled phone call with him motivated me to get up every single morning to study and not slack off. While his services are pricey, there is a reason for that. He will teach you effective and time-saving strategies that will ultimately help you finally defeat the California Bar exam.”

Olivia S. (University of San Diego School of Law)

“After multiple attempts at the California Bar Exam, I needed a tutor who would personalize a program to my individual needs. Steve went above and beyond to help me. He helped me work through the frustrations I had when I was writing good essays, but just couldn’t seem to make it over the hump. The MBE was my weakness, but with Steve’s customized feedback and MBE Drilldowns, my scores continued to improve. It made all the difference to have Steve in my corner during the exam. His phone calls at lunch during the exam gave me the motivation and encouragement I needed to get through the PTs in the afternoon. Steve also helped me change my attitude and find my inner fire. I was able to go in to the exam with a fighting attitude which made all the difference for me. I couldn’t have done it without all of Steve’s help!”

P.D. (Seattle University School of Law)

“If you are a practicing attorney and you want to pass the California Bar Exam the first time, you should hire Steve Zikman.  I was not a traditional bar examinee as I had been practicing law for nearly 10 years.  I took the July 2016 Attorney Bar Exam and enrolled in a traditional bar review course.  The traditional course was not geared for the Attorney Bar Exam, and I did not pass the July 2016 bar exam. I knew I had to find another method, and I found Steve Zikman. Steve is an excellent bar exam coach. Steve has a very strict method that he instills from day one with his coaching. When I sat for the February 2017 bar exam, I was extremely prepared and confident because I had a plan coming in with Steve’s coaching.  Steve demands that you follow his method, and I know that it was his method that helped me pass the February 2017 California Bar Exam. Trust the method and you too will pass the California bar exam.”

Mary Girges (Southwestern Law School)

“After having taken the bar four times and failing four times I knew that I needed to do something different. I found Steve on Google and decided to give him a call and talk to him about my options. He gave me a number of different packages that I could choose from and I decided to pick the one that was best geared towards my problem areas which were the essays and the MBEs. The outlines that Steve provided helped me stay focused on what was important and what wasn’t. His technique for writing the essays made my writing very clear and concise and made it easy to outline the question in a manner that would cover all of the elements. I was having an extremely hard time with the multiple-choice questions and Steve helped me see my problem areas and where I needed more practice and help. I had done fairly well on the PTs so I decided to do a smaller package regarding those, and I’m sure that Steve’s help and techniques help push me over the edge and solidify those on the bar. I had a tutor previous to Steve and also took Barbri to no avail. Steve taught me to have confidence in my writing and in the techniques he was teaching me and it all paid off at the end because I finally passed the bar!”

Radha K. (University of San Diego School of Law)

“After not passing the bar the first time around by a few points, I knew I had to do something different because Barbri did not work for me. After searching for a few tutors and talking with each of them, I decided to go with Steve. His method is very straight-forward and clear because he teaches you how to organize your essay with clear headings. Barbri did not help me systematically organize my essay because I was throwing out elements and not analyzing the facts under each element. However, Steve’s method helped me break down my essays in such a way that helped me analyze each element specifically and thoroughly. Steve’s ‘get to the point’ personality and way of teaching really made it very clear for me because I knew exactly what I needed to focus on and what needed to be improved as I completed each assignment. He was very tough on me and never sugar-coated anything, but I think that is truly what made me pass the second time around. Specifically, it helped me stay on top of all my assignments, diligently correct my mistakes, organize my responses to get a 65-75 on each essay, and stick to my schedule. Lastly, my weakest subject was the MBEs. Steve introduced me to AdaptiBar, which I highly recommend to any re-taker or even first time taker. I did a handful of drilldowns with Steve and even though it was a very long and tedious process, my MBE score got significantly higher. As a re-taker, I not only had to study diligently but also smartly. I do not think Barbri or any commercial bar course really taught me how to study ‘smartly’ in regards to the essays or MBE’s. However, after every session with Steve, I knew that I was studying smarter because I finally understood what the reader was looking for or wanted in an essay (which is key). Without Steve, I don’t think I would have passed this bar exam because I would have made the same mistakes over again and stuck to a commercial bar prep course without taking the time to actually figure out what the graders want.”

David E. (McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific)

“After failing the California Bar Exam for a third time, it was clear that I needed help to demonstrate my legal knowledge better on the written exam. Steve explained in extensive detail what I should do for each part of the written exam and what I should not do, from the introduction to the analysis to the conclusion. No detail important for the exam is neglected with Steve. Steve’s approach to the test was thorough and gave me concrete rules to writing that kept me focused, calm, and collected for the exam. Finally, it is important to mention that Steve keeps his student on track. When reviewing a specific written exam with me, Steve provided substantial objective feedback. Steve was there to remind me that parts of my work were good without neglecting to mention where I needed to improve. Steve genuinely cares about helping his students pass the bar exam, and this shows in his program.”

Ted H. (University of San Diego School of Law)

“I failed the bar exam twice and then became busy with work. The next thing I knew, it had been two years and my moral character was about to expire so I knew I only had one chance to take the bar exam again. I was rusty and didn’t remember much because it had been two years. Steve knew this and helped whip me into shape. He is not a ‘hold-your-hand’-type of tutor. He is blunt and sometimes brutally honest, but that is the kind of tutor I needed and many people who didn’t pass the bar need. If you have an ego going into studying, you need to put it aside and Steve will let you know that. There were times I questioned his methods, but if it wasn’t for him then I do not think I would have passed or even received got close. Take it from someone who wasn’t close to passing, used a different tutor that cost twice as much before and took two years off, Steve is the tutor you need.”

Tommy P.

“I had taken the CA Bar on 3 prior occasions and came up just short each time.  With each failed attempts, I felt demoralized about the prospects of ever passing and becoming a licensed attorney.  I finally decided that I may need to seek professional help if I were to pass this test.  I did some research online and asked around to make sure that I found the perfect tutor/coach.  I spoke to several tutors on the phone to get a sense of how they could help me perform better.  When I spoke to Steve, he made me feel very comfortable.  There was a sense of understanding and compassion as he listened to my previous attempts and offered advice on how I might do better.  By the end of my initial phone call with Steve, I had decided that I needed his help to pass the bar.  He was polite but stern when we went over the practice essays.  Steve encouraged what I did right and made sure I knew areas where I needed to improve upon.  The essay structure that he taught me made organizing my thoughts and headings very clear to me as the writer and for potential graders.  It was a very elegant system!  I felt more encouraged with each essay that I wrote and Steve was very accommodating with my work/study schedule.  We got through the subjects and with each essay, I felt more confident about my work product.  My sessions with Steve definitely made me more comfortable with writing the essay responses and gave me more confidence as I sat for the real exam.  I am very happy I found Steve and would recommend him to anyone who wants that extra push to passing the exam! Thank you again, Steve!”

BJK (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)

“Steve’s instruction is especially helpful in two respects.  First, his methodology is very regimented.  This made the essay easier to write and easier to read-the latter of which is invaluable, given the examiners spend approximately 60 seconds grading each essay.  Second, although his outlines and instruction are thorough, he focuses on the rules that are highly tested.  This systematic and focused approach gave me confidence going into the July 2016 bar exam, which I passed.  Having previously taken Barbri, I can say that you won’t get this kind of detailed instruction with the major bar study programs.”

R.R. (Pepperdine Law School)

“Steve was my tutor for the July 2016 California Bar Examination. His strategies and methods helped me transform my writing style to be tailored specifically to master bar essays and performance tests. He diligently walked me through each of my essays, line by line, to help me improve my writing technique which was too vague and wordy. His attention to detail helped me spot important issues and properly analyze facts that I had been overlooking. He took the time to help me focus on areas that I was struggling with, such as my time management on the essays, second-guessing myself on the MBEs, and wrong issue recognition, to help me improve in those areas tremendously. Furthermore, Steve taught me how to analyze each issue on the bar exam logically and in an organized fashion. Steve was not only a fantastic tutor, but also a great mentor that helped me reach my ultimate goal of passing the California Bar Exam.”

J.K. (Washington University in St. Louis)

“I passed the July 2016 California Bar Exam and I owe it all to Steve Zikman.  I’m an out-of-state practicing attorney with over 20 years of experience and I failed the Bar in 2015 after using one of the popular bar prep courses.  I thought that with my decades of “real world” experience practicing at a big firm, and a few months of hard studying, that I could pass the Bar.  However, despite hundreds of hours of watching classroom videos and studying late into the night, I failed the 2015 Bar by a wide margin.  When I decided to try again in 2016, I knew I had to hire a coach who would work with me one-on-one, tell me exactly what I needed to know, and respect that I also had a busy practice to run.  I interviewed several bar coaches, and Steve’s approach and attitude stood out from all of them.  But, it wasn’t until I started working one-on-one with Steve that I fully realized what a good choice I had made.  Not only did Steve provide me with concise subject matter outlines that were spot-on as to what I needed to know, but most importantly, he showed me how to change my writing style to write essays and PTs that would impress the graders.  Steve worked with me to write and re-write essays and PTs until I knew exactly how to write to pass the Bar – something that decades of practicing never taught me.  Steve’s coaching and “visual writing” technique made me understand for the first time what I needed to do to pass the Bar, and it worked!  I highly recommend that anyone trying to pass the Bar work with Steve.”

Basil Bokhary (Golden Gate University School of Law)

“If you are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to pass the Bar exam, Steve Zikman is one of the best tutors to guide you towards a passing score. Shortly after failing the bar exam for a second time, I realized that studying via Themis and Barbri was not working for me. I used Google to search for a tutor, and I am incredibly lucky to have come across the services of Steve. From the onset of the tutoring, Steve is very disciplined and dedicated to ensuring you develop the skill set necessary to achieve a passing grade. Steve completely changed the way I approached essay questions particularly on performance tests. Over the course of 2 months, we tackled every Bar subject in great detail, both in terms of issue spotting and structure and with Steve’s help I learned to identify recurring issues and possible ‘partner issues’ for various subjects. In addition, Steve spends a good deal of time making sure his students learn to structure their essays in a manner that is favorable to bar graders. I was able to pass the Bar on my 3rd try after tutoring with Steve. His wealth of knowledge of the exam is a definite boon and I highly recommend Steve for anyone who is struggling to achieve a passing score and be done with this exam forever.”

Abner P. (Suffolk Law School)

“As a person who went to law school outside of California, taking the CA Bar Exam was no easy feat for me. I am so glad to have found Steve to be my tutor; there really is no other coach like him. He is very thorough and compassionate, and is very intentional about all of the advice he gives – each and every correction he makes on your practice essays and PTs is really tailored to how to improve upon your writing style in order to match a passing score. He was able to pinpoint all of my weaknesses, both in the MBE and written portions, and coach me through what exactly I needed to do in order to pass. His outlines were succinct and very easily digestible. He wastes no time with his instruction at all and makes sure to cater to whatever concerns you might have. I really owe my success and the passing of the bar to Steve. Without his help, I can unreservedly say that I would not have succeeded. Thank you Steve!”

Larry C. (University of Nebraska College of Law)

“I took the July 2015 California bar examination.  I assumed going in that with decades of experience practicing law, previous success on bar examinations, taking a popular bar review course and diligent study, I would succeed.  I was wrong.  I retained Steve to help me prepare for the July 2016 bar examination.  He disabused me of the notion that analyzing an examination question is the same as evaluating a client’s problem.  Through numerous practice question exercises he instructed me on what graders expect to see in answers, and how the information must be organized.  He reinforced his approach through the structure of his extensive course outlines.  Anyone retaining Steve should be prepared to work hard, however.  He takes his students’ success seriously and expects them to do likewise.  The study and practice examination schedule is demanding for someone who also is working.  The commitment is well worth it, given the wasted time and money a bar examination failure entails.”

Hamlet Y. (Pacific Cost University College of Law)

“Before Steve, I used three “major” bar-prep courses over multiple attempts! Provided my ability to compare Steve to other “major” bar-prep courses, I can compare and contrast Steve’s instruction with other major players and confidentially say that Steve is a MASTER COACH!! The strategies and techniques Steven taught me, is unparalleled to his competition.  I wish I found Steve the first time I took the bar!! Don’t make the same mistake!”

Suzy W.

“I hired Steve to tutor me for the July 2016 bar exam.  I had previously taken the bar twice, and although my scores improved, I knew I needed to do something different this time in order to improve my scores enough to pass.  The problem for me wasn’t that I didn’t know the material or even that I wasn’t a good writer, but I needed to know how to format the information and present it to the examiners in way that made it easy for them to see.  The things I learned from Steve that I found most helpful were:  how to write up the issues so that they are easy for the grader to see; how to manage your time so that you always finish an essay or PT and what to do if you start to run out of time; what to do when you’re not sure how to write up an issue; little things you can add that could get you an extra few points; and how to identify any patterns you have that are causing you to answer MBEs incorrectly.   I chose to work with Steve on all 3 areas of the exam in order to improve all of my scores instead of just working in my weakest area.  I’m glad I did because it proved to be enough to help me pass this time!”

Joanne Heilbrun (California Western School of Law)

“Steve is 100% the reason I passed the California Bar Exam. After two unsuccessful attempts, I knew I needed someone to help guide me through the process. The first time I used Barbri and felt extremely uncomfortable throughout the entire program, and the second time I tried to self-study.  While my score improved, it was not enough to pass. Steve offers a really well-developed program and holds you accountable every step of the way. I felt myself improving during each tutoring session and growing in confidence. His laser focus on structure, analysis, common sense and reflection is unparalleled and his commitment to your success is evident. Probably the most important takeaway from my experience was that working with Steve improved my confidence and greatly reduced my anxiety. For anyone who has taken this exam more than once, you know that the anxiety increases with each bar. I walked into the July 2016 bar exam knowing that because of Steve, I had done everything I possibly could to prepare. This is the best money you will ever spend – it was a privilege to work with him and I could not more sincerely recommend someone. My best wishes for your success!”

L. Smith (Loyola Law School, New Orleans)

“Taking the attorney portion of the California Bar Exam is no easy task when you’re working full-time and managing cases all over the country. After two unsuccessful attempts, I knew I had to change my approach. I had previously studied with BarBri and The Bar Guru, but I needed more substantive rather than a generic method if I was ever going to pass this beast of an exam. I did my research on Steve and upon speaking with him, it was evident that his direct approach, line-by-line review of my essays and timed essay drills is exactly what I had been missing from the other bar review courses. Plus, I did not have the time to travel to and from a bar prep course, so telephone meetings were key allowed more time for studying. Steve’s tutoring was invaluable. He taught me how to break down the question to determine precisely what the examiners were looking for in the answer. He showed me how to write effective (and point-generating) essays and PTs, and his emphasis on Professional Responsibility provides you with a platform to knock out any PR question quickly and successfully. His no non-sense approach is fool-proof and you’ll walk away after the exam with confidence.”


“I failed the July 2015 CA Bar Exam having used one of the traditional bar prep programs and I knew I needed to make a drastic change in my approach to the February 2016 CA Bar Exam if I wanted to see my name on the pass list. I used Steve’s Strategic Bar Coach program to prep for the February exam and I successfully passed the February 2016 CA Bar Exam as a result. My experience with one of the major traditional bar programs left me unprepared and ill-equipped to perform my best on the bar exam. I found the materials and schedule overwhelming, with inconsistent scores and minimal improvement. After researching bar tutors immediately after July results were released, I came upon Steve and reached out right away. Steve not only created a schedule that worked for my lifestyle (work/study), but also put me in contact with several former bar students, so I could make an informed decision. Steve’s program is much more streamlined and his materials are second to none. He not only improved me in areas that I was decent in already, but also drastically overhauled my approach to the MBE, resulting in huge improvements in my practice scores. Steve is not messing around – he expects you to give 100% commitment and effort because he gives you 100% of both (keep in mind, there are several others who also require his time as well during prep). Steve held me accountable for my prep work and the improvements starting showing fairly quickly as a result. It will be challenging at times, but his methods WORK and his dedication doesn’t end when the exam begins – he checked-in with me before each day of the exam to make sure my attitude was right and my brain was sharp for that given day of the exam. Steve’s bar prep program is worth the financial commitment, as I honestly do not believe that I would have been successful on the February 2016 CA Bar Exam if it weren’t for Steve.”

Jeff R.

“If there is a formula for passing the California bar exam, I’m honestly still not sure exactly what it is. What I am sure of however is that Steve has a reliable and highly effective system and process that put me in the best possible position to pass the exam. Finally I’m on the pass list!  As an older, working professional, recently married and expecting my first child, I knew I needed one on one tutoring to focus my efforts and keep me motivated, on task, and on schedule. Above all, I needed to improve my writing on essays and PT’s. Steve helped me eliminate bad essay writing habits (some learned in law school) and taught me how to write FOR the California bar examiners. I learned the importance of organization, structure, conciseness and how to present an easy to read essay. Steve’s demanding regiment and countless exercises also helped immensely with my timing which plagued me on the first two bar exams. By the time I sat for the third and last bar exam of my career, rather than run out time mid sentence halfway through an essay, I actually had time to review and check answers. Steve is accessible, responsive and offers a form of coaching that minimizes one’s weakness and maximizes one’s strengths. He has countless tips and proven techniques which translate into critical points across the board. Its all about fighting for points and every facet of Steve’s system, whether its learning how to write an essay introduction, head a PT cover memo, or attack a certain type of MBE question, Steve will help arm you for battle so you win that fight.  Lastly, while Steve is not a certified therapist or a psychologist (to my knowledge), he does find a way to keep the emotional and mental grind of bar prep in perspective and provides tools to manage and steady oneself through the storm. He is firm and no nonsense yet patient and encouraging up through the very last exam session. Having Steve there during those three exam days was like having a great corner man in the ring during a heavyweight title bout. The California bar exam is a huge commitment and a hiring a tutor is a serious investment which is approached with the same intensity as I did preparing for the bar itself. In doing the research, reading the message boards, online reviews, emailing strangers and talking to people in the legal community, Steve’s name kept coming up. As I got through the process and finally reached out and personally spoke to Steve’s past students on the phone, I realized that I had only one option. It was a no brainer at that point. I’m happy that I chose Steve as bar tutor as he was instrumental in my passing the February 2016 exam.  I highly recommend Steve for anyone who wants to pass the California bar exam.   It’s the best overall investment I have ever made for myself more importantly, for my new family. Give Steve a call and get yourself on the pass list!”

Jim S. (Whittier Law School)

“I just passed the Cal bar exam on my third attempt, and Steve was the difference.  I was near the top of my class in law school, but I just couldn’t get over top with Barbri and another highly advertised private tutor.  Steve’s approach makes thinking about how take each section of the exam automatic—I didn’t even have to think about how to structure an essay or PT by the time the exam came around.  Steve provided me with specific approaches and writing structure for each and every subject and then made sure I had it down by analyzing my work, line by line.  Most importantly, Steve treated me like a unique individual and helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses, so I could focus my study time.  He kept in contact with me throughout the entire process and made sure I was on track, all the way to the last day of the exam. I can’t say enough about how thankful I am that I chose Steve over all of the other tutors and bar methods I investigated. I’m a lawyer now, and you can be too, with Steve’s help!”

A.H. (University of California Berkeley Law School)

“First, Steve’s outlines are super helpful for both understanding the law and memorizing rule statements for essays. Other programs tend to either have outlines that are so brief that you can’t use them to understand all the details or law, or so verbose that they are hard to use for memorizing rule statements for essays. Steve also really helped me with improving my essays. Structure and format as just as important as content, so he helped me shape that up in time through much practice. He also pushed me to use the facts to their full extent in the analysis. The line-by-line review helped me to get to the next level of essay writing each time. It was also useful to revise essays until they were in shape. Steve’s PT method also helped tremendously. He has a method for getting you to use as much of the relevant law and facts as possible. It’s up to each student to put in the work, but Steve can definitely push you over the top!”

Cher Heath (Loyola Law School, Los Angeles)

“I had already struggled through the bar exam twice, before I found Steve. While I knew a lot of information, I did not understand how to present it to the bar examiners in a way that demonstrated all of my knowledge and ability to write. Steve showed me precisely how to do this and with his detailed regime of practice essays and PT’s, and the detailed feedback after, I was finally able to see the outer frame work for each essay question and what remained the same, no matter the question.  After the basic framework, Steve’s feedback taught me how present the rest of the information based on what question was asked. If this sounds complex, it is. Hence why Steve is the STRATEGIC bar coach! Steve’s MBE charting also took a strength I had in the MBE’s and made it stronger. Steve was exactly what I needed to unlock the mystery and pass the exam!”

Lynn H.

“After failing the July 2015 California bar exam, I knew I needed a focused approach to pass the test.  It is a very specific exam, so I knew I needed specific preparation to succeed. I researched the various bar coaches and programs, and located Steve. I am so thankful I did.  Having practiced in another state before moving to California, I had to check my ego at the door in order to effectively prepare. Steve gave me the structure, workload, and accountability I needed to succeed, and I passed the test in February.  He helps you hone an approach to any essay or PT you may encounter on the exam.  His personal attention and feedback are vital to developing these skills and refining your work.  In short, he knows how to write to the level expected by the graders.  Steve is very disciplined, and expects the same from his students. Make no mistake he will make you work. He will also not mince words when you need correction. However, if you are willing to commit to his program and work hard, you can find your name on the pass list as well. Please do your due diligence as a current or aspiring attorney, and check out Steve. You will be so glad you did!”

P. Spanos (SUNY Buffalo Law School)

“Steve Zikman put me on the right track to get past the California Bar Exam.  I was unsuccessful after two attempts following Kaplan’s Bar review course.  I needed something different.  Steve gave me the right approach, the right structure, and the right attitude to PASS THIS EXAM.  He kept me on pace with my studies as exam day approached.  He kept me focused on his method and really forced me to relax.  Steve helping me keep my anxiety level down and my optimism up by staying engaged with me throughout the study process and into the exam days.  I absolutely recommend him for your success on your next bar exam.”

Kiki Manti (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)

“Best money I ever spent! I was a repeat taker and I had completely lost hope! Steve worked with me one-on-one to identify my weaknesses, my strengths, and to improve my scores! I had trouble with the multiple choice and PT portions of the California Bar. Steve worked with me on both portions helping me not only to exponentially improve my scores after each practice exam, but he ultimately helped me to PASS THE CALIFORNIA BAR EXAM!!! If you are on the fence about hiring Steve, just do it! If you find yourself feeling like a hopeless failure, like I did, Steve will coach you out of that funk and make you BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT! Not only is Steve a great tutor, but he is also a great life coach! Thank you Steve for helping me pass! I could not have done it without you!”

Derek L. (UNC School of Law)

“I would not have passed the February 2016 bar exam without Steve. During our first few weeks of working together, Steve broke down my writing structure and taught me how to earn every point possible.  The structure that Steve teaches was invaluable, especially during the very difficult third day of the exam.  By that third day, I was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted.  Luckily, I could rely on Steve’s strategies and formats, both of which were particularly helpful on the difficult evidence and professional responsibility essays.  Because I was working full-time while studying, I was in danger of mismanaging my time, but Steve kept me on track.  He coordinated my schedule for me and told me exactly what I needed to do and when.  I did not have to waste any mental energy on planning.  Instead, I could focus on learning the law and, more importantly, on learning how to write to pass.”

James H. (Notre Dame Law School)

“Not knowing what you did wrong after studying day-after-day with a standard bar preparation program was downright frustrating. You gave it your all, and thought you would pass the first time. After picking myself up, I decided to try a different approach — insanity is trying the same thing twice and expecting different results. I gave Steve a call, placing my faith in his hands. Steve was able to immediately recognize my strengths and weaknesses after the first call, tailoring a plan to my individual needs. His approach is both caring and careful, methodically teaching you how a bar grader thinks and how to write towards their expectations. The pace is just right for the full-time and part-time exam taker. By the end of the program, I knew passing was certain because of my progress during Steve’s program. His realistic, no-nonsense feedback was exactly what I — and everyone — should hear. Trust Steve and you’ll be fine.”

Claude Durden (University of San Diego Law School)

“When I failed the July 2015 California Bar Examination, it was a devastating experience. I put everything I had in preparing for the exam, and still I came up short. I knew I needed help. I scoured the web to search for tutors and Steve Zikman’s name came up. I talked to close friends, who like me were unsuccessful on their first attempt, and once again, Steve’s name came up. After considering a few other tutors I decided to go with Steve. I had my doubts throughout the process. I had performed well in law school (top half of my class) and some of Steve’s methods did not align with what I did in law school. But because I had selected Steve after considering other tutors and purchased his services, I decided to go all-in. Best decision I have ever made. The February 2016 Bar Examination was not easy by any stretch, but in all honesty, it felt like just another day on Steve’s program, especially the performance exam section. I can still vividly recall walking out after the second performance exam confident that I would see my name on the ‘passed list’ and if not, at least a 70 or 80 on the performance exams. Steve will help you understand what the graders are looking for and to write a complete answer so that you too can see your name on the ‘passed list’.”

K. S. (University of Texas School of Law)

“I hired Steve after failing the CA bar 3 times, and I passed on the first try with Steve’s help. I went to a top 20 law school outside California, and I had passed the bar in that state on the first try, but I couldn’t pass the CA bar using Barbri. Steve’s process made the study process easier and helped me focus on what was important in preparing for the test. Being a practicing attorney at the time that I took the test, Steve made sure that I was focusing on memorizing what was important, so that I wasn’t overwhelmed. In addition, I had done poorly on PTs, but Steve made me confident that I could gain points rather than lose points on the PTs. The essays were also a problem for me, and Steve’s system worked much better for me than the Barbri system, by ensuring that I was still able to gain points on essays, even if I didn’t remember the law perfectly. I would highly recommend Steve for anyone who needs to pass and has been unsuccessful in the past.”

Joulia Tchembrovskaia (John F Kennedy University, College of Law)

“I took CA Bar Exam in February 2016. I passed it the first time. I strongly believe that my success is a result of my bar prep with Steve Zikman. During my last year of law school I asked people who had already taken the bar and passed it for advice on what helped them to pass. One of them told me: “Get a tutor.” That person recommended Steve Zikman. I contacted Steve the next day. Steve’s services are not cheap, but I treated my bar prep as a financial investment. As a mother of three young children I wanted to pass the bar the first time and be done with it. So I treated it as another semester of law school, financially and time wise. My law school provided Barbri course to all the graduates. I was automatically enrolled in Barbri, received their books and online resources. As I was going through Steve’s program I had an opportunity to compare the two approaches. I strongly believe that Steve’s program is tailored to a student’s individual weaknesses and strengths. Steve analyzed my every single essay and PT and gave points on how to improve them. He pinpointed my personal mistakes that I repeated again and again and gave me tools to fight them. Often such mistakes were rooted in my thinking process and my approach to essays and PTs. He helped me to fight through my insecurities and inspired me to be confident in writing what I thought.  More specifically: (1) Essays: I had always done well on essays in law school. However, now after taking and passing the bar, I know it wouldn’t be enough. Writing an essay on the bar exam is very different than in law school. Steve’s method teaches you reality. He taught me how to begin strong and finish strong, how to make important points stand out so that the grader spots them right away. Steve’s program made me practice essay writing under testing conditions, which made a huge difference. (2) PTs: Although I took Advanced Legal Writing course in my law school I felt that my PT skills had to be improved. Again, Steve’s PT approach taught me how to use time in the most efficient way. Time is either your friend or your enemy on PT. Time is everything! Steve gave me a PT format that showed strong beginning, strong ending and a solid analysis. I believe that Steve’s PT approach gave me a competitive advantage and made my PTs stand out in the crowd. (3) MBEs: Steve uses AdaptiBar to prepare for MBEs. This system has thousands of real bar exam questions, as opposed to other systems that use their own MBEs, not real questions from past bar exams. It took me a while to improve my scores in AdaptiBar, because the system is intuitive to your personal weaknesses. As soon as it senses that you get better in a certain area of law it challenges you even more in that area. Eventually my scores were pretty high. Steve analyzed personally each MBE drill and pinpointed my areas of improvement. It was a lot of work, but it paid off. I believe that Steve’s bar prep approach gave me a competitive advantage in each area tested on the bar: PTs, essays, and MBEs.”

Gabriella (Glendale University College of Law)

“Steve helped me so much with my writing. Particularly my essays. Steve teaches you a format and style for the essays that really lays the material out to the reader in a simple way and touches on everything they are looking for. This approach can be applied to any essay that could be thrown at you. Same applies to the Performance Tests technique that Steve teaches. You will end up doing a lot of writing with Steve and it is very structured, but so worth all of the effort you put in because writing becomes second nature and you will end up using his technique automatically. If you are having difficultly with writing, Steve is the guy for you!”

Chris G. (Southwestern Law School)

“Steve’s program was exactly what I needed to push my scores over the edge and get a PASS on the California bar. The typical bar prep class or tutor will provide endless materials and methods to help you learn the subject matter; Steve’s program, on the other hand, actually teaches you how to synthesize all of that information in your head, and how to write an answer that appeals to bar exam graders.  I requested Steve’s help with essays and PTs, and his sessions were priceless. The subject outlines were solid; his essay approach and writing style were a joy to memorize and replicate; his PT approach was bulletproof and made me smile after every single trial run; our over-the-phone reviews were engaging and full of new tips and tricks. Steve isn’t shy about pointing out your shortcomings, but that’s exactly what you need to pass this test.  If you didn’t read anything else, read this: I walked out of the July 2015 bar exam with the biggest smile on my face because I realized that I successfully replicated Steve’s approach on every single essay and PT without fail. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels when you can feel confident in both your approach before you hear the words “you may begin,” and in your answer after you hear, ‘please stop writing.’”

Bryan Palmer (Western State College of Law)

“After failing the bar for a second time, I was devastated. I was actually beginning to think it was not possible for me to pass the bar exam; then I found Steve. Steve’s process and method for preparation was phenomenal. I felt extremely prepared for all three phases of the exam. First, Steve taught me how to write, and even more importantly, how to actually answer the essays. His process was difficult at first, but soon answering any essay, in any subject, became second nature. Second, Steve had me doing practice multiple choice questions daily, and one by one my scores greatly improved, but even more importantly, so did my confidence. Third, Steve is a Performance Test expert. The PTs had been my greatest weakness on my previous 2 attempts. Steve taught me the gamesmanship and tricks of these exams. For the first time ever, I was finishing the PTs and passing them, which of course did wonders for my confidence as well. By the time the exam rolled around, I felt so confident and prepared in all three phases, and no subject or part of the test scared me. After trying Barbri and another private tutor the first two times, I sure wish I had used Steve for my first attempt. Put your trust into Steve’s method, work hard, and you too can finally slay the dragon!”

A.R.E. (University of San Diego)

“After not passing the 1st time, I wanted more straight practice (no lectures, etc.).  Studying with Steve was focused.  For essays, Steve’s method is succinct, straightforward, and exactly what bar examiners need to see.  No matter how good a writer I thought I was – for the bar I could not manage my writing time well.  But Steve had me fashioning essays the same way each time so that it became habit.  On this past July 2015 Bar, I felt 2 essays didn’t go well – and they probably didn’t – but I think I passed because his method helped with all other essays, even bad ones.  Also a big part of my passing had to come from MBE practice; Steve drills you on countless Adaptibar questions and for the July Bar, all the questions looked like what I’d studied.  Steve won’t mince words when telling you what you’re doing wrong – but it’s not personal – it’s for what the bar examiners need to see.”

Terrence L. (Syracuse University College of Law)

“Having failed the Bar Exam twice I knew I Babri wasn’t working for me. I sought out a tutor and ultimately selected Steve and I have no doubt in my mind that his coaching methods and strategies are what helped me finally pass.  Steve provided a regimented system for me to attack the bar. He provides all the materials, including his Flash Outlines which highlight key areas of the law that frequently show up on the exam (and they did).  Steve broke down my essays and pinpointed where I was losing valuable points, and more importantly Steve helped me correct my mistakes by showing me examples of how specific parts of the essay prompt could be analyzed and then following up and making sure that I was able to actually write it that way. Steve also provided me with a framework for organizing all the materials you find in a PT (which I was having trouble with) and writing a beefy and organized essay for the graders. For the MBEs Steve emphasized practice, and helped me dig deeper into why I was missing certain question types, and ultimately correct them.  I wholeheartedly recommend Steve, his coaching style, and his methods if you are really serious about passing the bar exam!”