M.N. (UCLA School of Law)

“One of the most difficult aspects of not passing the CA bar exam for me, was not knowing why or what I did wrong in preparing the first time. Barbri left me with no feedback and therefore no reference as to how to improve.  The second time around I worked with Steve, who helped me recognize both my strengths and my weaknesses throughout the entire process. His no-nonsense, direct approach motivated me to continue studying and improving. I worked with Steve on the essays, performance tests, and MBE portions of the exam. He meticulously reviewed and explained each essay and performance test he assigned. He highlighted my weak subjects on the MBE, and had me review the explanations for each question at least twice. After each phone call, he encouraged me to write out all the lessons I learned and to email it to him for his review. It was a lot of hard work, but it was necessary and worth it for me in the end.  In doing so, I internalized both my weaknesses and strengths; I developed skills that were invaluable not just for the exam, but also for my career. Like a good coach, Steve didn’t baby me, he pushed me to improve and consistently supplied detailed, constructive notes and criticism. It was a humbling yet empowering experience and I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to work with him. I wholeheartedly recommend Steve as a coach to anyone who is serious about passing the CA Bar Exam. He knows what he’s doing, and if you put in the work and listen to him, you’ll see your name on the pass list, too.”


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