Elena Giannattasio (Fordham Law School, LLM Program and Luiss University, Italy)

“I had failed the CA Bar Exam before, I was working and out of law school for quite some time. Last time I had taken the CA Bar was 5 years ago. I was admitted in NY in 2013 so I could have taken the attorney portion of the Bar only but when I contacted Steve his advise was crucial in my passing. He told me it would be foolish not to take the MBE portion as well as that was my biggest strength. I still remember his words “ the day of the MBE you will walk into the examination room with a friend”.  Steve not only helped me work on my strength so that I could achieve even a higher result on the MBE portion but he was crucial in addressing my weaknesses, such as the written portion of the exam. His outlines and his approach to both PT and Essays are superb! Steve always gave me the best advises he kept me focused and in times of weakness he kept reminding me to trust the process and not to give up. I have to thank Steve if when I open the my Bar Exam screen last night I was able to finally see  “PASS”!!”


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