Jane K. (Vermont Law School)

“I was facing the bar for the third time and frankly, I was just plain tired of it all. I knew that my main problem was my writing but I couldn’t figure out what exactly I had to do to improve. Prior bar prep courses had returned my practice essays with vague, cursory, feel-good comments and plenty of ’70’ scores, but not a lot of constructive criticism. Steve took the time to REALLY look at my writing and determine what I had to do to succeed and then worked closely with me through the sometimes painful process and firmly kept me on track. Though I sometimes doubted, I am glad that in the end I trusted Steve and his methods because they worked! He was in contact just about every day during the prep period, even if it was just to check in and make sure I was doing okay. During the exam, he even called during the lunch breaks and at the end of the day on each of the three days–for a pep talk in preparation for the next part. He really was a bar “coach,” not just a tutor. While it is true there were many factors that contributed to my eventual success, I am absolutely certain that I would not have been at the swearing in ceremony a few days ago had it not been for Steve’s help. SO worth it!”