Kendra A. (Vanderbilt University Law School)

“When I was completing law school, my fellow peers had drilled in my head that BarBri was the right choice for a bar prep program — little did I know that taking the California Bar would be a “beast” I should have separately considered. Unfortunately, after studying intensely the first go around, I came to find out I did not pass. I was completely devastated — I had worked so hard and couldn’t believe that all of the effort I put in did not pay off. Enter Steve Zikman — a recommendation through a friend of mine who had found herself in a similar position and had success passing with his approach. I could tell from the very beginning that Steve’s process was going to be different. His approach is not for the faint of heart, but it will make you a better test taker. It is meticulous, direct, and tailored to you. Be prepared to work hard, yet see results. Steve doesn’t guarantee anything, but I felt far more equipped having his tools under my belt. Good luck, work hard, and know that Steve can get you to the other side.”


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