Gila Lee Adato (New York Law School)

“Steve’s tutoring was invaluable!  Without his expertise and guidance I don’t believe I would have passed the California attorney bar exam.  This was my 4th time taking a bar exam (I took and passed NY on the 1st try in ’99 and failed CA 2x before) so I have plenty to compare it to.  What I feel made the biggest impact and difference was Steve’s method of teaching.  Admittedly, I had some reservations when I first spoke with him because other tutors told me I would do so many more essays with them but I am glad I trusted my gut instinct in the end.  Steve has a very intensive experiential method and technique.  He teaches you how to think for the exam and what the examiners are looking for.  He provides valuable insight into the grading process and teaches a standardized approach to answering essays and PTs that can and should be used for very answer.  Thanks to these tools, even when I didn’t feel I had any clue what to answer, I was able to begin writing and to make far more educated choices on how to answer the questions saving me valuable time and eliminating a tremendous amount of anxiety.”


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