Matt V. (California Southern Law School)

“The Strategic Bar Coach program helped me pass the 2012 February bar exam on my 4th try. Steve knows exactly what these graders are looking for. His program is unique because he offers one-on-one assistance and he’s serious about what he does. Something tells me he takes it personally when one of his students doesn’t pass. Steve showed me how to properly analyze and apply the law–how each element is broken down, analyzed and concluded, one element at a time. His style of writing makes it easy for the graders to look at your answer and determine if you got it correct right off the bat. His course made every subject approachable. His method of writing provided fail-safes and checks and balances so nothing got left out. His course provided a great way to take down a Professional Responsibility essay. Before I took Steve’s course I would just get an essay and go. My answers were all over the place and I was not focusing on the areas that I needed to focus on. I was not answering the call of the question. His approach made me answer the question that was in front of me, gave me confidence, worked on my timing, and formatting, corrected my major faults, changed my writing and tone, removed words that graders hate, gave me a jumping-off points, and most of all, got me to pass. I could not recommend this course more!”


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