Megan G.

“I had taken the CA bar twice when I came to Steve. My failures had left me feeling confused, ashamed, and dejected. But Steve immediately put me on a course of study that enabled me to regain my confidence and go into the bar exam feeling prepared and ready to pass — which I did! I implemented Steve’s test taking techniques and believe this is the reason I passed. While working with Steve, he read my essays and analyzed my weaknesses, then worked with me to write passing essays. He gave very specific feedback and this allowed me to correct the mistakes I was making. Having Steve tell me what I was doing wrong and then give me a method to fix it was truly invaluable and allowed me to pass the CA bar. Steve restored my confidence, because I truly did not understand what I was doing wrong and through Steve’s constant analysis and correction, I was able to finally understand what the graders were looking for and then give them just that on exam day(s). Additionally, Steve’s method for ‘attacking’ the PTs was extremely valuable. This is an area of the bar where you can capitalize points and Steve took the time to thoroughly explain how to write a passing objective PT versus a subjective PT versus a client letter, etc. and worked through each one with me. So on exam day, when we received a rather difficult and involved PT, I was able to take a deep breath and ‘attack’ it using the structure Steve taught me. There was zero stress involved. I am incredibly grateful to Steve and I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a tutor to take the CA bar, whether it be the first time — or third.”


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