Mike L. (Suffolk Law School, Boston, MA)

“After three failed attempts at taking the CA bar exam, I sought the help of a tutor, and ultimately decided on Steve Zikman. He elevated my approach, particularly in the written portion of the exam, and provided me with an excellent method and structure for tackling any essay question. He also provided me with outlines that were particularly helpful with preparing for the written portion of the exam. His program also allowed me to do a higher volume of MBE questions than I had ever done before, and, perhaps most importantly, he provided excellent analysis and feedback to my MBE practice results, so that I knew which substantive areas required additional focus and improvement. I was over 150 points short of passing on the exam prior to working with Steve. After my first time working with Steve, I improved 90 points (Feb ’18), leaving me just 65 points short of passing. I worked with Steve again for a second time, preparing for the July ’18 exam, and he provided an approach and game plan that was tailored to my previous results and getting me over that final hump.  I’m happy to say that, with Steve’s help, I passed the July ’18 exam. Working with Steve was the big difference between my previous unsuccessful attempts, and my final two attempts, which culminated with me finally passing the exam.”


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