D. R. (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)

“Steve’s strategic bar tutoring is a structured program that really helped me understand a new perspective on approaching the California bar. I had to repeat the bar a few times because the essays tend to be very subjective when graded. However, after doing many Essays and Performance Tests with Steve, his series of corrections and rewrites left very little room for subjectivity when it came to grading. His methodology makes it easier for the grader to give you a passing grade since it’s broken out in an easy-to-read format. His MBE Drilldowns using Adaptibar really helped me understand what I was missing and why I was missing the correct answer, which helped me drastically improve my MBE score.  Steve was very clear about what I needed to be working on, kept me accountable, and followed up with two phone calls for each foundational essay tailored to address my weak areas. The program is well worth the money. I highly recommend Steve for both repeaters and first time bar takers.”


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