Jenna Y. (USC)

“I took the bar exam in July 2018 and ended up with the dreaded “this name does not appear on the pass list.” I already had a job and if I didn’t pass the next time I would not have been able to keep it. I couldn’t fail this next time, so I began searching for a tutor with a great track record, someone that could keep me on the right schedule, as I was studying and working at the same time. I came across Steve zikman and saw countless people who had repeatedly failed and finally after working with Steve were able to pass.. sounded like just the person I wanted. The first time I took the bar exam I made the mistake of relying solely on a one size fits all approach with a big name brand. But that was not my learning style, I learn best from individual attention and hands on practice, something I didn’t get with Barbri. I did not use Barbri in February only Steve, Adaptibar, and BarEssays and I passed. Steve went over each essay, some multiple times, to refine the places where I was losing easy points. My problem wasn’t in knowing the law but in being able to write in a way that made the graders job easy to give me points. I also worked with Steve to improve my PTs, a place where I was really weak. I didn’t realize how easy it was to not follow the directions. He gave me a game plan and fool proof structure when approaching them and we did multiple practice PTs till it was a formula. So happy I came across Steve in my tutor search and ended up working with him.”


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