S.M. (Temple University, Beasley School of Law)

“Steve was incredibly helpful preparing me to take the California bar exam. As someone who does not typically do well on standardized tests and suffers from anxiety, I needed someone who would work with me to keep my confidence up by telling me what I was doing right and wrong and how to correct my mistakes in a clear and concise way, as well as foster a positive mindset going into the exam. I had to put in the work to succeed, but Steve provided me with the tools necessary to pass the California bar exam and a plan for success.   Steve helped identify my weaknesses and provided me with the tools necessary for success. He provided me with not only the outlines to learn the material, but a plan and guidance on how to write for the bar exam graders. This is what I found most important – you need to write attractive essays/PT that are clear and concise with good analysis that uses the facts, to get every point possible. Steve taught me how to do that. When exam day came and I was stressed and anxious, I could tap into those tools to write well despite that anxiety – which I 100% felt on test day. You must take the PT seriously! I can absolutely say that when I got to the PT on exam day, I was beyond happy that Steve taught me how to write this specific kind of PT – I knew exactly what to do, so when I wrote I was in a great mindset and could get those much needed points. As an out-of-state attorney (barred for 4+ years) who worked full-time on the east coast during my California bar exam preparation, I needed some who was going to help keep me on track and prepare me to write for success on the exam as efficiently as possible. I used a commercial company for the exam in my first admitted state and did not find their outlines or their guidance on essay writing, particularly helpful. I did not pass my first admitted state the first time, so the fact that I passed the California bar exam – a more difficult exam with a historically low passage rate – the first time is amazing! To reiterate what I said above, I had to work hard and hustle to succeed, but Steve provided me with the tools necessary for success on the California bar exam the first time. I cannot thank Steve enough for his guidance and recommend him to anyone taking the beast that is the California bar exam, especially if you are an out-of-state attorney, working full-time during bar prep, and/or have test anxiety.”


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