Jeff H. (Washington University School of Law)

“After using a generic bar review course on my first attempt, Steve took the guess work out of studying for the bar. I came to Steve knowing my multiple choice strategy was weak and my essays were decent but disorganized. Steve provided a complete outline for every subject and a step-by-step method for approaching any essay question. It took time to master this new system but once I did, I felt more confident and heard Steve’s voice in my head as I typed. Steve listened to my personal interests and made analogies to the content, as well as making the study process feel like a “ski race” or “cooking a meal.” When studying for the July 2023 exam, I passively watched videos and wrote each essay only once and moved on. I tried to write average essays in a range of topics without a clear structure. With guidance from Steve, it was game-changing to have this new and organized approach. We rewrote each essay and reviewed sample answers for each and every essay, line-by-line. On the multiple choice, I was able to dramatically improve my timing and mastery by going through error analysis every week leading up to the exam. It was frustrating to analyze the same mistakes repeatedly, but I know confronting the difficulty was what led to my ultimate success in February 2024.”


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