Karen (New York Law School)

“After  30 years of practicing law on the east coast, I decided to take the California bar. I enrolled with a national bar review course, figuring that if I studied hard and did very well on their graded essays I would pass with flying colors. Not the case; I failed by a mere 12 points. Their “graded” essays gave me a false sense of accomplishment and the course failed to show me how to answer the questions in a way the bar examiners wanted. Very frustrated with the time, energy and money I’d wasted, I signed up with Steve Zikman to retake the Attorneys Exam of the bar. Steve has a very specific method of preparing students for the essay subjects tested on the bar. He teaches an approach to writing the essays in general, plus more specific approaches to each of the subject areas. The techniques are very useful in getting to a quality answer within the short one-hour period allotted for each essay; an answer that the exam graders can easily follow. Steve also has a very effective approach to the performance test section. Aside from the techniques, Steve was very giving of his time and is genuinely invested in your success. If you are willing to work hard and follow Steve’s guidelines closely, (and in my case leave your conclusory lawyer habits behind) you too will achieve a successful result.”


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