Phoebe Kirk, London

“I have just found out that I passed the CA Bar first time and I have no doubt that it was thanks to Steve. As a lawyer from England, I worked with Steve on the Performance Test part of the exam in some intense sessions during the last 6 weeks before the exam. Steve’s approach is rigorous and methodical. He has a great method for working on a Performance Test question that made practicing the tests more approachable and achievable and, most importantly, going into the exam much less daunting. Each time I felt I had ‘got it,’ Steve was quick to point out how to do better, how to write a more ‘on point’ answer and how to help the grader see my answer. This constant breaking down and building up was essential to my success. Steve is a ‘coach’ in the true sense and his ‘pre-exam’ tips were helpful in terms of content and confidence. He even arranged to speak to me right before the last Performance Test exam; I can honestly say that speaking to him at that exhausting stage in the process made all the difference to help me re-focus and conquer the final exam. He takes a strong approach so you get it right, and I really can’t recommend him enough. Thanks Steve!”


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