Patti White, (Concord Law School)

“After four failed attempts, I had to face the fact that my essays were the reason I kept failing and, if I ever wanted to pass the bar, I needed one-on-one tutoring to address my essay and PT writing. I am a psychologist and have done lots of writing in my career but this kind of writing didn’t translate to the kind of writing needed for the bar exam essays. In essence, I had to learn a new way to write. Steve is methodical in his approach and if the student trusts his process (and this is the key!!), anyone, no matter how many times there has been failure in the past, will experience the bliss of passing! Trusting Steve’s process for me was to put aside my ego and stubbornness and be willing to trust that Steve knows what he is talking about. And he does! Want proof? Look up “Patti White” on February’s pass list!”


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