D.M. (Trinity Law School class of ’07)

“I consider myself the ultimate proof that Steve’s system works. I graduated law school in 2007.  Because of my full time job, getting married, and having a kid, I didn’t take the bar until two years later. Using one of the ‘big names in bar prep, I went through the motions, and ended up with a score in the 1200’s. Disappointed, I decided to move on without the law.  Two years later, needing a change, I decided to take the bar again, and somehow I found Steve. We spoke throughout the decision-making process, and then my wife and I made the commitment. However, now four years removed from law school, I was essentially starting from scratch, so I decided to invest in the unlimited package. We started in September and never looked back. I trusted Steve, his process, his system, and did what was asked. I passed the bar, and truly believe my score was in the top percentile; and if not, who cares… because I passed the bar. Good luck!”


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