H. Lan, LL.M. (Boston University Law)

“After I had failed the CA bar exam 3 times, I finally realized that it was time to face up to my weakest points on the exam–the Essays and PTs. I had a passing score on MBEs on my 3rd bar exam, but my writing was a disaster. I was confident that I would pass my 3rd bar exam, but I did not, and my writing score was far below my expectations. After feeling deeply frustrated, I decided to find help. I searched for essay tutors online and read all the comments and reviews of all the tutors I could find, and I decided to give Steve a try. It has proven to be one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. The law was not a problem for me; I knew the law, but my application was a mess. Steve taught me how to organize the layout systematically in order to let the examiners easily find and understand all my analysis, how to add more analysis to impress the examiners, and he taught me how to do ‘real’ IRAC! After working hard with Steve for 3 months, my essays were finally all looking like the same no matter what topic I wrote, and that was so amazing! If you are in the same situation as I was (i.e. finding yourself stuck in Essays and PTs and having no idea what’s wrong or how to improve them), I recommend you to Steve.  He helped my out of the hell that is the bar exam!”


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