Josephine Gerrard (Golden Gate University)

“I choose Steve because I was at my wits end. Steve has an excellent program. The difference between this program and any other is that it taught me to set up a structure to argue both sides of an issue. I had to practice. My initial belief was that you don’t have enough time. I had gotten use to spotting issues laying down the law as fast as I could. This led to very short essays. I thought I was typing long essays and I found I was coming in with 500 words. My mind was a race-horse that forgot to put its feet on the ground. Steve gave me a course with hurdles to jump. This helped stream what I knew into the form.  His PT method taught me how a PT was constructed. Once I saw that it made it much easier to organize and write. Steve is a strong energy and no non-sense person. He shows up on time and completes the tasks. This is good because its like moving next to a stronger horse you start running the same way. He has a good and kind heart but is stern.”


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