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Steve Zikman is an experienced educator and a natural teacher who has been tutoring and coaching individuals for over 20 years.

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All of our tutoring/coaching programs are customized to meet the needs and budget of each individual student.

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Of course, our goal is to get everyone over the passing score of 1440 and our results speak to our success.

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The Strategic Difference

Tutoring and Coaching for the California Bar Exam

The Strategic Bar Coach™ provides limited enrollment, 1-on-1 Tutoring and Coaching programs to help you succeed on all 3 sections of the California Bar Exam: Essays, Performance Tests (PTs) and MBEs. Our wide range of customized options are structured to meet your particular needs and budget.



About Steve Zikman

Tutoring and coaching students to pass the California bar exam is about much more than simply grading essays. Steve Zikman is an experienced educator and a natural teacher. He received his Masters of Law (LL.M.) from Pepperdine University where is also serves on the Council of Distinguished Advisors at Pepperdine University's Straus Institute.

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