Maritsa Flaherty (Ohio State University Moritz College of Law)

“If you are planning on taking the California Bar, the best advice is to hire Steve Zikman as your strategic bar coach. Steve’s method was essential to my passing the bar exam. As a full-time attorney and mother of two active boys, my time to study for the bar was limited. However, Steve’s method is perfect to study smart, study hard, and study efficiently.  By setting up goals and deadlines, Steve holds you accountable in a way other bar review programs don’t. Steve’s method focuses in on exactly what the bar examiners are looking for. You will become better at studying, and a better legal writer by using Steve’s method. In order to tackle one of the most challenging bar exams in the country, you need the right tools. Steve’s strategic method gives you the tools you need to pass. Steve is excellent at pushing you, holding you accountable, and driving you to the finish line with passing the bar as the reward.”


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