C.L. (Golden Gate University, School of Law)

“When I found out that I did not pass the bar exam on the first try, like many others, I was utterly devastated.  I had always been a decent writer and knew the substantive legal material like the back of my hand.  I couldn’t understand why I received such low essay scores.  Steve taught me that it’s not about how much information you put down on your answer, but it’s putting that information into the format that the bar graders expect to see it in.  Steve had me use a very specific formula for answering all of the questions which helped to manage my time and strengthen the structure of my response. I learned to not aim for the “perfect” answer, but instead write the answer that would garner the most points instead.  After practicing dozens of essays and PTs with Steve, which he goes over with you line by line, I knew that when exam day came, his formula would work.  And it did!  I passed the exam on my second try.  Steve is without a doubt the reason that I passed, and the ultimate mastermind in revamping your bar writing style.”


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