EJ P. (California Western School of Law)

“Steve focuses not on whether how many essays or MBEs you are practicing or touching before the test, but on whether how thoroughly you are analyzing and attacking each essay and MBEs in great depth.  Steve’s method for essays really forced me to do more analysis on each issue more in depth, and his detailed advice on time management helped me timely write on each essay.  Steve’s structure for essays was very helpful not only to please the graders but also to keep me clear and focused on what I was writing.  Steve has never been judgmental, but rather, he always helped me move on without frustration, even when I was stressed and not feeling good.  Steve was always keenly aware of my strengths and weaknesses.  When I walked into the test room, I felt prepared to attack any issues in any subjects, and as it turned out I was confronted with essay questions in the subjects that I had been most afraid of (Trusts/Wills, Constitution, Business Association, and Evidence), but my name appeared on the Pass List for the Feb 2012 CA Bar!  Thank you Steve… you saved my life!”


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