Joshua L. (DePaul College of Law)

“After taking the CA Bar for the second time and failing, I knew it was time to look at other options and take a different approach. I had used the BarBri program twice, followed the process, and still was not realizing my goal of achieving a passing score. Once I started working with Steve, it immediately became clear the areas that I needed to improve on. Working with Steve helped me realize the mistakes I was continuing to make, develop better test taking habits, and answer bar questions in a way that helped me achieve a passing score. Simply put, Steve’s approach to taking the CA Bar works. Steve’s in-depth knowledge and experience with the CA Bar exam has allowed him to create a test prep program that truly prepares you for the challenge. Steve taught me his step-by-step approach to answering bar questions, which is easily applicable to all subjects, while teaching me tips and tricks along the way to give me the edge I needed. Whether you are a first-time taker or a repeater, I highly recommend Steve and his program.”


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