Zachary Topkis (American University Washington College of Law)

“Steve is a great tutor and coach. He will teach you not only how to fight, but also how to beat the bar exam. I didn’t pass on my first attempt, and I sought out Steve for help. It took me more than one go, but I can proudly, and quite happily, say I have now passed the California Bar Exam during the July 2023 sitting. I know what it is like to fail and the great feeling of finally beating the bar exam. My main advice if you go with Steve is to trust his process and follow his advice. Steve helped me tremendously in improving my MBE and Essay scores. I often would overthink or focus on minute details. For my essays, I would sometimes ‘go down the rabbit hole’ or go ‘bushwhacking’. In other words, I spoke at length about an issue that didn’t hold much weight or over-explained a simple matter that I otherwise could quickly explain and then move on from. Steve really helped guide me and train my attention on where it needed to be to pass. For the PTs, he will teach you the skills and steps you should take to impress the graders. He is professional, compassionate, and really cares about you. I 100% recommend Steve to anyone struggling or needing help focusing on the Bar. Work hard, and he will get you across the finish line.”


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