Steven C. (Western State College of Law)

“I had been unsuccessful on the bar on two prior occasions, both of which, I received ‘second reads.’  Though I thought I knew the law well enough to pass the exam, Steve taught me how to better write my exam so that the bar grader could better find my issues and analysis.  He provided with strategies such as using my best analysis at the beginning of the essay and writing about “minor issues” towards the end.  Additionally, Steve taught how to write an exam, so that even if I did not know that law sufficiently to pass, I could make the essay ‘look pretty,’ so that the bar graders may not find misstatements or incomplete rule statements.  Steve also taught my to elementise each rule of law and then lead with each element.  Steve provides MBE drill downs, where I was to look at all of my wrong answers and then determine why I got them wrong.  Steve then trended my repeat mistakes so that I could better review those areas of law that I was repeatedly missing.  By doing this, I was also able to recognize patterns in MBE questions so that I could better recognize the correct answer.  This was extremely helpful.  Although the price may appear expensive, I went from a two time bar failer to a one time bar passer.”


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