Jessica Sprinkle Topkis (American University – Washington College of Law)

“If you invest in any course to help you pass the bar exam, it should be this one. I had taken the bar once before, using just a generic self-run course but, I didn’t perform well at all and of course, had to retake the bar. I think one of the greatest advantages of Strategic Bar is having Steve there to not only keep you accountable in a way (you really have to keep yourself accountable and commit to doing the work) but in this course you get immediate feedback about MBE performance, essays and PTs. During my former course, it was easy to fall behind and lack the motivation since you never had that one on one instruction where your MBEs patterns were analyzed, where your essay is dissected and you’re given examples on how to improve, or how to actually answer the PTs properly. I took the February 2023 bar exam and even though I had a panic attack and forgot some of the law during the morning session, I used his tips on essays to help me power through it and override my inner-perfectionist that was screaming I was getting it all wrong. At that point, I honestly didn’t think I’d pass, but Steve even told me at the time you never know and to go back and crush the afternoon session as if the morning session never happened. Low and behold, I passed the exam and I know I would not have passed this bar if I did a generic course. Strategic Bar helped me to do everything I needed on the MBEs, essay, and the PT. I couldn’t recommend this course more, especially if you are struggling on how to tackle the writing portion of the exam! The way Steve has you approach essays is by far, one of the most valuable things I took away from the course. One of my professors used to say there are no cheats to the bar exam, but honestly, the way Steve has you structure your essays within each subject feels like one because he shows you how to ensure the grader can quickly and efficiently get through your essay and find the points of law you are hitting upon. He has a formula for each area of law, and the different issues within that area so you can efficiently get down what you need to have a passing essay and what will just take up time unnecessarily. If you want to give yourself the best shot at passing the bar, sign up for this course and COMMIT TO THE WORK – he doesn’t assign anything that’s not necessary. Everything is perfectly designed to challenge you, help you learn, and ultimately to help you pass the bar.”


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