Natalie Contreras (California Western School of Law)

“After failing the bar exam twice and feeling like I was living life on this never-ending hamster wheel, I decided to contact Steve. I needed a one-on-one tutor, with a solid method, that was going to assess my weaknesses to improve. Steve’s method WORKS. He has various packages to choose from so you can determine which package suits you—plus, you always have the option of adding more essays / MBE “drill downs.” Steve really pushes you to understand what you are writing, which was so key for me. On my previous attempts, I used BarBri and was just going through the motions to get all the assignments done, but I didn’t truly understand what I was writing. He also doesn’t guarantee like a lot of these bar prep companies—he provides the tools and feedback while you put in the work. Steve will pull the understanding out of you during your essay revisions in meetings. He is extremely professional, cares, and does not mess around. Expect to work hard and expect truthful feedback.  If you are a repeater, go in with a fresh mindset and apply his method to the fullest. Give his method your all and you got this!  Thanks to Steve, I can proudly say: I PASSED THE FEBRUARY 2023 CA BAR EXAM!”


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