FLYSE / Baby Bar

Let Steve Zikman, Esq. be your strategic coach and nurturing tutor during your preparation for the FLYSE Baby Bar exam.

Premium 1-on-1 Packages

We offer Premium Packages to suit your specific needs. Our most popular Premium Packages are the "24 Essays & 3 Hours MCQs" package and the "20 Essay" package. You can create any combination of Essays and/or MCQs to suit your specific needs.

Our Premium Packages include:

  • Personalized Tutoring and Coaching on Essays
  • Personalized Tutoring and Coaching on Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  • 1-on-1, Line-by-Line In-Depth Review of Your Foundational Essay Answers
  • Exclusive Flash Outlines™ for Each Essay Subject
  • IRAC-Proof Essay Structure Template
  • Customized Study Schedule
  • Write to Pass™Timed Essay Drills
  • Exam Day Telephone Updates & Strategizing
  • Confidential Review and Assessment of your Previous Exam Results
  • Stay on Track to Pass™ Telephone Conferences
  • Flexible Start Dates

All Coaching/Tutoring Programs are Fully Customized

All of our tutoring/coaching programs are customized to best meet the needs and budget of each individual student. We work very hard to ensure that whatever challenges you may be facing, the solutions lie in addressing your specific needs.

No Cookie-Cutter Written Feedback

Our feedback is 1-on-1, interactive and in real-time over the phone. We don't rely on cookie-cutter, boilerplate written feedback to tutor our students. We review each foundational Essay or PT with you on the phone, 1-on-1, line-by-line, highlighting your strengths, fixing your weaknesses, and modeling how you might have written a better answer. Based on that discussion, you then revise your Essay, exercising your Essay and PT writing muscles. We want you to get the most of each Essay by examining each Essay on five levels: (1) the issues, tricks and complexities of the particular Essay question, (2) broader strategies and tactics for the particular subject, (3) IRAC structure, (4) factual analysis, and (5) timing. We strongly believe that this process can only occur through actual interactive 1-on1 conversations to ensure that each point is fully understood and implemented.

All Essays are Written Open Book/ No Early Memorization is Required

We believe that effective tutoring requires an 'open book' approach to doing the essays. While many tutors require you to memorize the law before you do their essays, we don't see the sense in memorizing weeks and months before the exam. In fact, most students aren't good at memorization and indeed don't see the value in early memorization. Requiring students to spend their energy on early memorization slows down the learning process and hinders their ability to make the critical changes that are needed to pass the exam. Of course memorization is important for the bar exam; however, it is most effective when done 14-21 days before the exam when the material will be fresh in your mind and you will have a much better appreciation for how to use the law. We want to see what you can do with the law if you had it at your fingertips.

Stay Safe, and Save Money and Valuable Time with Telephone Meetings

All of our meetings are conducted over the phone. Our students are located all over the California, across the country and around the world. Even if a student lives in Los Angeles where Steve is located, traveling across the city results in too much wasted time and energy. We have found that telephone meetings are ideal for the busy bar exam student who doesn't have the ability or the time to travel to meet Steve in person. With telephone conferences, students save on gas and avoid traffic jams unnecessary delays and waiting. This is especially true as students get closer to the exam when every minute counts.  And now, with Covid-19, remote meetings are critical to staying safe in these challenging times.

Flexible Start--It's Never Too Early, or Too Late

You can start whenever you want (as long as there is space available). Take the time you need to make sure that the next bar exam is your last. Feel free to speak with Steve about early study options to meet your needs and budget. If you find yourself close to the exam date and think you might need some last-minute help, inquire about the possibility of short-term solutions like our Fast Track Intensive program.

Proven Track Record

Our students' total scaled scores range from 1439 (under the system that was used prior to October 2020) to those who are 100 or 200 points away from passing. Of course, our goal is to get everyone over the current passing score of 1390 and our most recent results prove that, including most recently: 72%% pass rate in February 2020, 80% pass rate in July 2019, 75% pass rate in February 2019, 78% pass rate in July 2018, 74% pass rate in February 2018, and 86% pass rate in July 2017.  However, even for those who do not pass, their scores have increased by 100 points or more, boosting their confidence and bringing the next exam to within reach.

All of our programs will:

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Help you write consistently passing answers
  • Provide you with ongoing constructive feedback and guidance


Ready to get started with the Strategic Bar Coach?

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