Tish P. (Southwestern Law School)

“My total scaled score for July 2019 was 1310. To make matters worse, I couldn’t request another leave of absence from my employer. So I decided to hire a private tutor, instead of using BarBri again. I hired Steve for essays and MBE drills. All essays were written open book. The focus wasn’t on memorizing for the majority of my time with Steve. Instead, he targeted my analysis and focused on why I decided to write issues in a certain order, among other things. He taught me an overall strategy for essay writing and also individual strategies for each subject. Steve’s MBE drills weren’t my favorite, but I needed to be held accountable. In the end, I answered approx. 2,500 MBEs. By the time I sat for the exam in Feb. 2020, I mechanically attacked each essay and quickly moved through each MBE. Steve was also willing to speak with me on Day 1 and Day 2 of the Bar exam. I definitely needed that last bit of coaching after Day 1. It helped! Invest in yourself and your future.”


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