T.H. (University of San Diego)

“I took the bar exam several times before my name finally appeared on the February Pass List.  The initial cookie cutter law review course and subsequent efforts to study on my own did not get me to pass. What did get me to pass was the individualized study program, consistent communication, and feedback that I received from Steve. Because he worked with me one on one and was able to understand me/figure out how my mind works, I was able to break through the 2 major roadblocks that had kept me from passing: Timing and “The Inner Perfectionist.” Performance Tests were my worst enemy- I’m a slow reader, had difficulty with organizing the material, and always wasted time rephrasing what I was writing as I was writing it because I thought that I could make my answer sound better/smoother/smarter.  I failed PT after PT after PT.  It usually took me over 2 hours just to read through the material before I worked with him, but by the time I was done, I was able to read the materials AND organize my thoughts in under 1hr30 (and get my answer written in the remaining time). Steve also got me to the point where I was writing consistently passing essays, and he helped me get my practice MBE scores, which were honestly not bad, to the point where they were excellent.  In the end, I’ll never know what my score was on this last bar exam, but what I do know is that Steve’s coaching was definitely the reason my name is on that pass list.”


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