B.L. (UC Hastings, College of the Law)

“I studied for the bar exam with Steve, and I passed on my first try! Determined not to become a repeat bar examinee and feeling extremely anxious, I followed Steve’s advice in starting bar prep a few months early. Having the extra months was critical in becoming familiar with the exam and getting a good overall review of the tested subjects, using Steve’s pre-made outlines. By the time everyone else was starting bar prep, I was already in my second round of subject review and ramping up my practice essays, using Steve’s methodology. With my early start and the unlimited essay package with one-on-one review with Steve, I felt less nervous and was more able to concentrate on filling in gaps in my weaker subject areas and applying Steve’s methodology. Steve taught me how to write essays in a way that makes the bar exam mechanical and less scary, which made me feel more confident on exam day. Toward the end of bar prep, I could confidently approach each essay and, most importantly, I could finish on time. Steve is an efficient and tough tutor. This program is like a bootcamp, which may feel rough at times, but it worked- and that’s what I paid for! I’m definitely satisfied with the experience. I would recommend this program to those who have a good understanding of the subjects but still need guidance in exam-style essay writing and especially to those who are afraid anxiety or nerves will get in the way of bar prep.”

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