Seth G. (University of San Diego School of Law)

“After I was unsuccessful on my first California bar exam attempt, I felt lost because I had put forth a completely concerted effort in my preparation for all three portions.  Fortunately for me, there were 2 attorneys at my firm who had gone through the same experience I had, and found Steve to help them pass on their second attempt.  Dylan and Will recommended Steve wholeheartedly and I decided to hire him immediately.  As it turns out, I was not writing my PTs and Essays how the graders wanted to read them.  Steve provided the framework and guidance on how to write the PTs and Essays exactly how the graders want them presented.  My scores were very low on the PTs and that is where most of the opportunity lies on the exam since they are worth 2 essays each.  Simply having a step-by-step approach to any PT that was thrown at me on my next attempt helped put me over the top with a passing score.  Steve is flexible and will diagnose your score report and recommend a program to fit your needs, whether it be help with MBEs, Essays, or PTs, or any combination of the three.  Steve is a true coach, which means he tells you what you are doing poorly and tells you what you are doing well.  If you chose to use Steve you must trust in his constructive criticism and not take it personally.  Without making mistakes, you will never know how to improve and most importantly, PASS THE BAR!  The quicker you can deal with the failure, the quicker you will be ready for success.  Simply heed his coaching, and implement his tips on your next practice exam, and then it will become a habit.”


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