Eric A. (Loyola Law School)

“So I’m a great case of how a tutor like Steve can help someone achieve objectively amazing results. I failed spectacularly my first time studying with Barbri at a score over 300 points below passing. I studied with Steve for the 10 months leading up to the bar and passed on my 2nd try with him. Studying with Steve is like no other law professor I had. He’s serious and demands the best from you. Every week we go over an essay of one of the various subjects of the bar and do 30-50 multiple choice questions. Not only did he teach me how to analyze bar essays and write well on them, but he told me how the bar examiners thought based on his accumulated experience. We’d go line by line over my essays and give me feedback on almost everything I wrote. As for the multiple choice, I worked on those primarily by myself and I used other MBE books that I had in my possession (Barbri books), and every week or two Steve would make me go over the missed questions. Steve turned me into an essay and performance test machine that made me feel supremely confident on the day of the test.  I highly recommend him if you have lost all sense of hope for the test BUT only if you can stay with his strict program and commit to it a full 100%.”


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