Anne Easton (New York Law School)

“I’m a five-time California Bar Exam taker, one time passer. Steve helped me on attempt numbers 3 and 5. I worked with Steve on the July 2017 exam and failed by only about 15 points, which was more than 40 points higher than my previous exam. I credit that to Steve’s pedagogy. Failing on try number 3 is wholly credited to personal issues with confidence and anxiety, rather than Steve’s methods. In terms of those methods, he’s tough and no nonsense  because he expects you to pass. His outlines are impeccable and he frames legal concepts in such a way that makes it easy to understand and remember. He color codes California specific laws and puts them right next to the federal law, too, which was particularly helpful for me. He doesn’t like excuses, and if you need someone to keep you on your toes, in line, and prepared to pass, Steve is your guy.  I passed in February 2019 with a 30% pass rate. I changed many things in my life, I took 2 months off of work per his recommendation if I could fiscally do so, re-engaged Steve for his services and treated this exam like a job, 8-hours a day, 6 days a week. The second time working with Steve is slightly different because you already know his method – he really focuses on your weaknesses.  For me, it was mostly the essays and timing. So I did a lot of essay drills and then revising those essays. The best way I can sum up Steve is that he almost acts as your bar exam therapist (or a pro football team coach preparing players for the Super Bowl) throughout the process. Overall, I knew that the personal changes I made in my life, coupled with Steve’s guidance,  would help me eventually put this exam behind me, and I was right.”


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