Kristine Du (Monterey College of Law)

I have been trying to take the bar exam for a few years and I haven’t been able to get on the pass list. I have tried to get a private tutor AND study the Barbri course but nothing works. So I decided to go with Steve Zikman after researching for a bar tutor and reading all the reviews on Yelp. Even then, I still have doubts about my ability to pass. After consulting with Steve for our first phone call, I knew he has a strategy that is different than what I was familiar with. He told me everything I needed to know about his strategy and how to approach the bar exam this time around, especially what my strengths and weaknesses are from looking at my past scores. Let me say this, he is expensive!!! But is he worth it? ABSOLUTELY!! Had I known, I would have went with him in the first place. He prepared me for every steps of the way and called to check in during exam days and he followed up afterward. He is dedicated and honest about your performance. He is strict and will not tolerate you slacking, but that’s what takes to get you on the pass list. I have to say, I got my name on the pass list for the February 2021 bar exam and I couldn’t be more happy. After many years, I finally passed my bar exam!!! I would recommend him to everyone who wants to pass the bar exam. HE IS WORTH IT!!!


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