E.O. (Southwestern Law School)

“As a first time bar exam taker who struggled through law school final exams, I knew I had to make major changes to my test taking process if I was going to pass the California bar exam on my first attempt. I felt strongly that if I used a generic program like Barbri I would fail, which would then lead to me seeking out a tutor for my second attempt. Instead, I decided to just cut out all that wasted time, money, and heartbreak and go straight to using Steve Zikman for my first attempt. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I started working with Steve early – beginning in March for the July exam. I found out quickly that Steve is very supportive but really a no-nonsense guy. He won’t waste your time or money with small talk – he will contact you on time and get straight to the point. Steve will identify your strengths and weaknesses and adjust the program specifically to address the areas you need help in the most, while at the same time still giving attention to the other areas of the exam to make sure all your bases stay covered. By the time the exam was 2-3 weeks out, I had worked so hard with Steve that things just became automatic. During the actual exam, knowing exactly what to do the instant the proctor says “begin” is absolutely invaluable. After working with Steve I knew exactly what to do from start to finish on every section of the exam, including those times I felt slowed down or stuck. I was able to relax and fall back on Steve’s training to smash through those roadblocks without letting precious time tick away. Steve will have you writing in a way that allows you to tackle anything the bar examiners throw at you. I have no doubt that his system is why I passed the exam on my first attempt. I fully recommend Steve to anyone preparing for the bar exam without hesitation.”


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