Joe P. (Santa Clara Law)

“Stop searching for bar-prep tutors!! Steve is the best possibility. I wasted my time, money, and energy on ineffective test-prep companies for 2 years of my life… Then I found Steve!!  Seriously… I felt like it was impossible to pass until Steve showed me how passing works. His method is designed to impress the graders persistently. Steve knows how to pass this exam. His system for writing Bar answers is very different from the other tutors; I failed using another private tutor in LA and Barbri, both of which gave me too much material to possibly study and without enough direct guidance writing the actual essays. The words “strategic” and “coach” should be EMPHASIZED because Steve demands hard work and focus throughout the program. Steve’s approach to winning the bar graders’ approval is designed to pass if you’re willing to open your mind and heart to new habits and strategies. My personal challenge was organizing my writing clearly. I wrote rule statements in prose, I applied the entire rule to the entire facts without breaking out the law into several sub-rules, and my analysis read like a bulky discussion of all the elements in one broad conclusion. Steve taught me how to write bar essays mechanically. I went from spinning in circles trying to answer everything at once, to methodically working through each issue, sub-rule, element, and factor like a checklist with control. I went from never finishing an essay to hitting every issue and going deep into bonus point territory with time to spare, thanks to Steve’s approach. I cannot express enough the difference I felt studying for the Bar with Steve. It is truly a special program that gives you the strongest tools possible to pass by utilizing his masterful formula. I scored a 1240, 1280, 1350, then passed with Steve. The biggest difference was the massive confidence I felt taking the exam once I had the tools Steve provides in his program. Most of all, I was excited to work hard to pass with Steve because he is such a great coach. He
knows how to inspire greatness in law students through the tutoring process. I was invigorated to try my absolute best and work my hardest in Steve’s program like never before. Steve’s program is challenging, but it is fair and fruitful – just like the bar exam! If passing feels impossible: I truly believe the best solution is a) Steve’s class and b) commitment. Good luck!”


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