Ashley P. (California Western School of Law)

“I paid for BarBri for the July 2011 bar exam, and failed it.  I knew private tutors would be expensive, but if I wanted individualized help to figure out what I was doing wrong I needed a one-on-one tutor.  There are a lot of different programs and tutors out there, but after talking to a bunch of them, I liked Steve Zikman’s methodology, strategy, and attitude the best.  He was very reassuring and positive when I felt like passing the bar was impossible.  His teaching style is individualized and he was able to assess all my weak points after reading my bar essays and performance tests from July.  For me, the cookie cutter Barbri approach wasn’t working for me, which is why I chose Steve.  He developed a strategic and formulaic approach to essay writing and performance tests which was easy to learn, easy to follow, and made a huge difference in my essays and PT.  I compared my essays from July 2011 bar to the essays I was writing with Steve right before the Feb 2012 bar and the difference is astounding.  If I had known about Steve the first time I took the bar, I would have saved myself a lot of grief.  He’s really worth the money.”


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