Susan S. (Lewis and Clark Law School)

“In 2019, I faced the challenging task of taking the California bar exam while managing a substantial case load. (I am a practicing attorney with more than 20 years of experience. My first bar exam was in 1997 and second in 2006.) Steve Zikman was referred to me by a practicing attorney who faced a similar scenario. I am very glad that I decided to work with Steve on all three elements of the exam (essays, PT, and MBE). Steve guided me to work to my strengths and tackle my weaknesses. On his advice, I took the full two-day exam, even though I was eligible for the one-day Attorney Exam. This approach helped me maximize points and obtain a passing score. The Strategic Bar Coach study materials are on point for bar exam purposes, far more efficient than hours-long multi-session lectures and dense multi-volume outlines provided by other bar exam prep companies. (I had access to lectures and materials from another bar exam prep course. Had I relied on that material exclusively, I doubt I would have passed the exam.) The Strategic Bar Coach program includes a strict schedule, specific assignments with non-negotiable deadlines, and regular coaching calls that include line-by-line analysis of essays. The end result is that you learn the subjects and develop a technique for all three elements of the exam. More importantly, the program forces you to identify and work through your mistakes and weaknesses before exam day. The MBE segment – an optional add-on – includes access to thousands of real MBE questions and analytics that clearly identify weaknesses. The program is not easy and the coaching is not always “nice”, but it is effective. I walked in to the exam room with a game plan and a firm commitment to do exactly what Steve told me to do, and it worked. I can confidently say working with the Strategic Bar Coach was essential to my success on the exam.”


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