David Chang, (University of California, Davis)

“Steve helped me pass when no one–and seemingly nothing–could. My essays for Barbri and law school were never a problem, but the bar examiners continued to disagree. From our first session, Steve broke down my essays and showed me exactly how to write an essay that bar graders would appreciate. Steve helped me:  (1) Use a bar-specific IRAC method. It gave me a completely different writing style geared toward bar readers and meant to quickly highlight elements and analysis for points. Too many other programs simply ask you to recite carefully memorized rules and then tell you to IRAC it like you did in law school; (2) Optimize my organization and format. I used to think presentation for all 6 bar essays wasn’t as big a priority as getting out all my memorized points, but Steve taught me otherwise. His organizational format helped me effectively lay down my points and gave my essays a strong and consistent frame that I could depend on to get my analysis out quickly and fully. This also helped during the bar exam, when I was able to continue writing even though I had blanked out from a confusing fact pattern and nerves; and (3) Improve my analysis. The bread and butter of the scores, Steve helped me focus and strengthen my analysis with every essay so that I would be able to wring out every point from every single fact.  Steve has years of experience and coaching. I appreciated his consistency and his time-honed practice, and Steve’s confidence and support carried me through the ups and downs of the process while always making sure that I got better every week. When the typical essay scores cluster around an incredibly narrow range of 50 to 75, being able to improve so steadily was huge and helps explain Steve’s phenomenal success rate.”


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