V.C. (UC Law San Francisco, formerly UC Hastings)

“I’m so grateful to Steve for his guidance in helping me prepare for and successfully pass the February 2024 bar exam. I appreciate Steve’s ability to recognize my strengths and weaknesses in bar preparation and test-taking. I used a generic bar prep course for my first bar attempt, but I was struggling with understanding the bar and how to best tackle it and the generic bar course just wasn’t able to provide the personalized guidance that I needed for success. Steve helped me understand the best approach to studying; taught me how to write for the bar; how to attack multiple choice problems; and most importantly, held me accountable and on-track every step of the way. The first time I took the bar, I struggled with staying on a good study schedule because I was preoccupied with personal matters, and when I did study, I wasted so much time trying to memorize everything the first time around rather than getting through all the materials. Under Steve’s tutelage, I learned that the bar is about breadth, not depth, so it’s vital to cover more material rather than get stuck in the weeds in one area of a topic that may not even end up being tested. Steve kept me on-track every step of the way, making sure that I didn’t get tunnel vision and that I was sticking to a schedule to keep moving forward. I, personally, also appreciate Steve’s honest and straightforward teaching approach. He was encouraging but, as needed, would tell me what I needed to hear rather than waste time and tell me what I wanted to hear. Thank you, Steve.”


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