Saam Arzang (University of San Francisco School of Law)

“I was in a pretty dark and hopeless place with regards to bar prep until I started working with Steve. I had turned the bar exam into my own professional boogieman and lost all confidence in myself. While it didn’t happen over night, Steve changed all that. The best way to explain Steve is tough but fair. Overall, I took the bar 3 times. The first time was right out of law school and I wasn’t particularly close. Steve taught me to simplify my writing and always focus on what I thought. I can still hear him say “it’s not that deep, leave the perfectionist behind.” On the MBE’s he helped me identify the patterns behind my mistakes. Once we identified the patterns, it allowed me to focus on my problem areas and hone in on my weaknesses. After I started working with Steve and took the bar again, I fell short approximately 20 points. I went from not being close to 20 points shy. Although I was still devastated, Steve helped me bounce right back. He continued to believe in me when I didn’t believe in myself. At that point, I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to take the next administered bar but with Steve’s advise and support, I did, and finally passed! I am beyond grateful to Steve and his time. I would not gotten to this point without him. My biggest regret is not having found him right out of law school. If you are looking for a tutor and willing to put in the hours, follow directions, and stay disciplined, Steve is your guy and the next bar exam will be your last.”


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