Neelu K. (Sandra Day O’ Connor College of Law, Arizona State University)

“My personal weakness for the Bar Exam was the performance test. I took Barbri and Barbri did not provide me with enough material or guidance for this portion of the exam. Luckily, I was able to find Steve Zikman who was the right tutor to prepare
me for this section. Routine, practice, guidance on how to write a sample answer, and insight into what the graders are really looking for is key to do well and give you the confidence and skill you need to pass. Steve Zikman keeps you on a timely
schedule and feeling fully prepared a week or two before the exam so that you are able to relax and get the rest you need right before the exam. Steve Zikman’s method minimizes the stress and you will see yourself quickly progressing according to his
schedule for you. Barbri’s preparation was good but it was easy to get stressed and find yourself on a time crunch and cramming last minute. With Steve Zikman’s method, I was able to pass with ease and plenty of rest. I recommend his services to
anyone taking the California Bar Exam.”


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