Saif K. (Whittier Law School)

“The first time I took the Bar exam, I used a commercial prep. course to prepare and saw almost no improvement on my scores. Next, I tried a popular online tutoring service, which I instantly regretted, as I found myself frequently asking my tutor to be more specific about how to improve. Then I found The Strategic Bar Coach and he completely changed the way I approached the CA Bar Exam. Steve Zikman delivers the kind of stern, upfront, and honest feedback necessary to pass the exam. He provided weekly updates on my MBE scores and had great outlines to help with studying. The Strategic Bar Coach, went line by line on my Essays and PT, telling me what was specifically wrong with my responses, why they needed to be changed, and he give me examples of how they should be written. This kind of honest, open, and firm communication coupled with his unique method to tackle the written Essays, PT, and MBE’s are without a doubt one of the strongest factors that helped me pass the 2019 February CA Bar Examination. Thanks for everything Steve!!!”


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