Navraj Rai (McGeorge School of Law)

“I would like to preface with the fact that I had failed the exam 4 times, so I completely understand what a lot of people considering having a tutor are going through. Steve’s program was the cornerstone of my success on the bar exam. As a repeat taker I realized that the bar exam is equal parts knowing the subjects, but also timing yourself and your workload properly so that you are at your best when the exam takes place. Steve’s methodology regularly transitions between essays and MBE’s to make sure that you are well rounded on both parts of the exam. Naturally some are better at one portion of the exam than others, and the way that Steve has created the program is that your weaker areas will be brought to the forefront and one will be forced to focus on that weakness. I had hired Steve for two of my exams. The first time I was only .03 points away from passing the February 2020 bar exam (which only had a 26% pass rate). Had this been any other exam, I would have passed with flying colors. My results on that exam placed me within the top 15% of students in the entire nation and in many subjects I was placed in the top 1-5%. The second time I was finally able to pass the exam and within 10 minutes of passing I received a call from the District Attorney’s office for a job. I have Steve to thank for this new chapter and opportunity in my life. He genuinely cares for his students’ success and keeps them on track the entire way through.”


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