Z.A. (Western State University College of Law)

“During the week I found out I was unsuccessful on the bar exam, I spent a lot of time researching various tutors and even met with a few. For some reason, Steve set himself apart when I first spoke to him. During our first conversation, he spent more time asking me questions–trying to find out about my strengths and weaknesses. Also, during our phone conversations, I always felt like he had my full attention. I’m sure I was just one of many students he had to call that day, but I never felt that way. I never felt rushed and really appreciated how at the end of each call, he asked if I had any further questions. He always listened to me and tried to understand why I was doing things in a certain way and attempted to follow my thought process (even when I didn’t express myself very well) to see where I was having issues. He could have told me to just do things the way he told me to but he always checked in with me to make sure I understood the reasoning behind his approach. His personal feedback was great and I felt that he was personally vested in trying to do everything he could to get me to pass. And of course, his strategy and approach was very useful in giving me tools to greatly improve my writing. Unfortunately, many people are disappointed with their bar exam tutors. I am so thankful that I decided to go with Steve. He really surpassed my expectations. I went into this past bar exam feeling very prepared and that was because of him. He’s good at what he does.”


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