Melannie G. (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)

“I finally passed the CA Bar (February 2019), and I truly believe that I couldn’t have done it without Steve as my tutor/coach. I failed the bar several times since first taking it in February 2016. I went the commercial route at first, trying BarBri and then Themis. I tried “self-studying,” combining everything I had, including my husband’s and his friends’ bar outlines that were all forwarded to me. Still, no matter how much study material I had, I experienced failure after failure, after failure. I soon realized that I really needed someone to coach me through this awful bar exam process and specifically tell me what was wrong with my essays, especially when I had passing scores on practice essays through BarBri and Themis. I found Steve after researching numerous CA Bar tutors online, but ultimately chose him because I wanted a non-BS tutor, and because I was so, so tired of failing.  Steve takes the time to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and helps you improve your essays and PTs in a way that appeals to the graders, earn points, and get a passing grade. Steve reviews essays with you line-by-line, giving you constructive notes, and allowing you to understand the essay from a different perspective and improve your analysis. His materials are straightforward and every assignment has a purpose. Needless to say, Steve’s specific approach for writing essays gave me the confidence I never had to tackle any convoluted bar exam essay given to me. As for the MBEs, Steve’s program keeps you on track with doing MBE’s regularly and his assignments really help you understand your answer choices. By the time I took the bar, I completed just over 2,000 questions and averaged 80%.  Steve didn’t just help me prepare to take the bar exam, but he also prepared me mentally. After failing so many times, I was in a cycle of depression from not being able to pass this nightmare of an exam. Fortunately, Steve kept me focused and motivated the entire time, and was available to his students even during testing days. I can honestly say that Steve genuinely cares about his students and wants them to pass (for him/herself).  Having Steve as my bar tutor/coach was literally a life-changer and I’m extremely grateful to have worked with him. I would recommend him to anyone, especially repeaters, in a heartbeat. Thanks to Steve, I can finally move on with my life!!!”


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