Kris Bailey (California Western School of Law)

“I’m a full time attorney with a demanding practice, my wife is a full-time student, and we have three kids—in addition our church and community activities.  While juggling all of this, I decided to take the California bar.  A traditional bar review course did not seem like the answer.  I needed someone who could prepare me to actually write for the bar examiners–not just learn the law.  I learned the law in law school and knew I could get back up to speed.  However, it had been over 12 years since I had written a bar exam answer.  Steve Zikman and the Strategic Bar Coach was the perfect fit for me.  His outlines were extremely insightful, he kept me on a consistent schedule, and most of all taught me how to write for the bar examiners.  That is the first rule for attorneys–write to your audience.  I highly recommend him to anyone taking the bar and most especially to out-of-state attorneys taking the California bar for the first time.”


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