Valerie S. (Pepperdine Caruso School of Law)

“Prior to Steve’s guidance, I knew the black letter law, but I did not know how to write a passing bar essay. Steve truly cares about his students, and will go line by line for every essay for every single topic, explaining how to master structure, and most importantly, how to apply rules to all of the given facts in the way bar examiners expect to see it. Prior to Steve’s help, I was constantly overlooking important facts, and Steve taught me how to properly use every fact, which is crucial. Steve’s approach to the performance test was equally indispensable, and he allowed me to gain the skills and confidence to master any performance test in the allotted 90 minutes. Steve is a huge reason why I passed the bar exam, and I cannot commend him enough for the time and effort he dedicates to his students. He understands how to take this test, and if you put in the work and follow his guidelines, you will truly be satisfied with what you achieve.”


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